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Good alternatives for Balance of Nature in 2023

Balance of Nature Alternatives

Balance of Nature is a nutritional supplement extracted from raw vegetables and fruits. These supplements cannot replicate the benefits of whole foods. However, they are the ideal choice for people who intend to eat healthy without going through the hassle of grocery shopping for different types of vegetables and fruits.

Balance of Nature supplements are bursting with various nutrients that will initiate potent actions in your body to improve your health and boost your immune system. Being derived from 100% fruits and vegetables, Balance of Nature is one of the most reputable and recommended on the market.

What is comparable to Balance of Nature?

What happens in circumstances where you are unable to access these dietary supplements? 
If you wonder whether any other alternatives match up the amiability of ‘Balance of Nature’ supplements, you have come to the right place. We have rounded up alternative brands that possess the same benefits and micronutrients to boost your immune system and improve general health.

Balance of Nature equivalent products are fast becoming one of the most popular health supplements available today. This is due to their natural ingredients, which contain no preservatives or additives, allowing for a much higher quality product overall. These equivalent products are derived from real fruits and vegetables, giving them a unique nutritional balance that cannot be found in other supplements.

Balance of Nature, top 7 genuine alternatives:

1. Juice Plus

Similar to the Balance of Nature, juice plus supplements gyrate around the idea of bridging the gap between the recommended. Their products are considered to have high levels of vitamin C, E, and other minerals rendering them more expensive.

Juice Plus supplements are juiced from whole fruits and vegetables. This brand is dedicated to encouraging a healthy diet by producing a wide range of accessories from fruits, vegetables, and berry capsules. 

Their final products have over 40 different vegetables, fruits, and other imperative vitamins. According to the brand’s website, adults taking at least two tablets of each category per day, preferably during meals, will yield better results. Children under the age of 13 are encouraged to take at least one capsule of each type every day.

Quite a few health coaches and dietitians have remained skeptical about the supplements; however, the company makes impressive assertions about their products’ authenticity. According to the brand, their supplements include many added healthy ingredients like soluble fiber, vitamins, and calcium. 

However, Juice Plus does not list the number of components in the supplements. This omission sets them apart from ‘Balance of Nature,’ who are transparent with the procedure of manufacturing their natural health products by showing their exact quantities of ingredients in each supplement.

The next one might be a cheaper alternative to Balance of Nature.

2. Juicefestiv – Natrol Daily Fruit and Veggie Capsules

Manufactured by a California-based company, Juicefestiv contains over 40 fruits, vegetables, and digestive enzymes. It is a more affordable alternative compared to its competitors. Their antioxidant supplements can improve digestion and help avoid nutritional deficiency.

These supplements are natural energy boosters; uniquely designed to boost your energy and immune system. Their probiotics and digestive enzymes ease the metabolism.

The recommendation is to take at least two capsules of veggie blends during meals once a day. Similar to Balance of Nature, taking just a single pill from this brand is a full package. The products are jam-packed with useful minerals and vitamins that are child-friendly and safe for the elderly.

These supplements have got to be the cheapest in the market. With a 45 day supply, you are advised to take at least two capsules each day during meals.
The price per bottle (120 capsules) goes for anything between $20-25 and can be purchased in stores, unlike its counterpart, Balance of Nature.

3. Garden of Life Whole Food

This natural health company offers a wide range of products in the nutritional sector. Garden of Life is an eco-friendly formulated superfood infused with quality ingredients for optimal wellbeing. 

They make it clear that none of their products is intended to cure or prevent any diseases to avoid confusion or misconception. The variety of products is enough to attract someone newly interested in health supplements:

  • Tablets
  • Gummies
  • Chewable tablets
  • Capsules
  • Sprays

One striking difference between the two supplements is the blend of ingredients. Their capsules are prepared with over 30 organic ingredients, unlike the Balance of Nature; they combine most of their beneficial components to formulate the USDA- certified green tablet. 

This means that their ingredients are grown away from exposure to harmful toxins. They are chemical-free and synthetic-formula-free. It only requires a single dose every day, though it will not harm you if you take several dosages throughout the day.

When choosing the best veggie and fruit supplement, dosage intake frequency is one thing to look out for as this aspect evaluates the efficiency and authenticity of the product. 

Understanding that supplements can have side effects if ingested without your doctor’s directives is essential.

4. Texas Superfood

These supplements are made from over 50 raw fruits and vegetables. According to the company, their capsules are all-natural, gluten-free, and dairy-free with one monthly money-back guarantee.

The product is available in capsule form with a dosage of 6 pills a day for adults and one pill a day for children under 12. You are advised to take two pills in the morning, two in the afternoon, and two in the evening, all the time during meals.

The good news about these products is their similarity in ingredients. Unlike its competitors, Texas foods have much to offer with some extras. Their capsules contain nutritional algae and other enzyme blends that surpass those of their competitors. 

One factor that stands out from the Texas superfood is its price. Unlike Balance of Nature, this brand also offers its products at an affordable price, making it accessible to everyone.

These nutritional supplements provide various health benefits, including boosting your immune system and reducing fast aging due to antioxidants that help neutralize the production of free radicals. 

Although the company does not provide much information on enzyme blends and other additives, these products’ health benefits go a long way. I would personally choose this brand over the Balance of Nature but you can read a more in-depth comparison here: Balance of Nature vs Texas Superfood.

5. Pure Synergy Superfood Capsule

Pure Synergy is a blend of about 60 USDA- certified organic superfoods formulated to enhance your wellbeing. This calorie-sparse powerhouse has been around for more than 30 years, perfecting its products over the years. Pure Synergy is committed to providing all-natural and quality superfoods for its customers.

These supplements are made of pure, certified organic ingredients. Their products have no fillers or added preservatives; each bottle serves up to 30 with over 270 veggie capsules per container. 

Their elements are also available in bioactive compositions. The inclusion of algae and mushrooms sets these supplements apart from other competitors.

It is a little expensive compared to other brands; a 30 day supply costs double that of Balance of Nature. However, this is an exception considering the ingredients and sourcing used in manufacturing these supplements. Also, buying a high-quality product at a fair price guarantees your money’s worth.

6. Athletic Greens

The company has been producing their supplements for almost a decade now. The brand assures users that their products are all-natural; they encourage daily use for better results. 

Athletic Greens have gained popularity over the years from their high-quality superfood. Their supplements consist of 75 different ingredients that include enzymes, vitamins, and several whole foods.

Athletic Greens superfood is a blend of vitamins and other healthy absorbable ingredients that provide antioxidants. According to the brand, each spoon is equivalent to 12 different fruits and vegetables. Unlike Balance of Nature, this brand contains a higher calorie of up to 40 per scoop.

The blend contains 7.2 million probiotic units. Some people have disputed claims over the products in their reviews because of the need to refrigerate due to probiotics’ dosage.

One of the most disappointing factors about this product is the price range; it is a little expensive. On the other hand, if your bank account is flexible, this product is worth it. 

The other downside of this product is the absence of calcium and magnesium; this might force users to find alternative options for AthleticGreens to fill in the gap. However, you get generally healthy products that match up to the likes of Balance of Nature.

7. Vitamineral Green Veggie Capsule

While it shouldn’t replace your balanced diet, it is another exceptional alternative to Balance of Nature. Blended from more than 45 different organic vegetables, these dietary supplements will give you and your family the vegetable vitamins you need for a healthy lifestyle.

Unlike ‘Balance of nature,’ these supplements are designed to boost immunity and enhance substantial blood sugar levels. This brand focus is to fulfill day-to-day nutritional deficiency through energy and immunity-boosting.

Vitamineral Green offers a bio-nutritive superfood filled with healthy micronutrients and is easy to use. You must start with a teaspoon a day and gradually increase over the coming weeks. You can mix it in freshwater or a blended smoothie.


Balance of Nature is our first runners up; these products have no other additives and preservatives; they are 100% natural, made from real fruits and vegetables. This feature makes them the ideal choice for your family’s nutrient intake. 

The only negative aspect of these products is their availability on the market; they are not available in stores and can only be bought through scheduling shipments.

It is important to note that these supplement blends are not intended to replace food. They should be included in your diet plan to help increase your vegetable and vitamin intake. 

Taking them does not necessarily mean they are a substitute for eating regular fruits and vegetables. Either way, each of the supplements mentioned above has helpful qualities that your body will benefit from.

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