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Balayage hair – Short guide

Balayage colour technique

Balayage is a hair colouring technique with fantastic results that quickly adapt to any hair length, colour, hairstyle, and age. 

Balayage is conceived for use on face frames so that the hair can be easily recoloured or brushed without damaging your hair. This colour application helps create a more natural look than when naturally opting for full of half head highlights.

Why choose balayage?

Firstly this is a low maintenance hair colouring technique that will last for weeks. It frames any facial shape beautifully, creating a natural blend of colours that can change every time you want.

When your natural hair grows, it will blend with the balayage strands resulting in a very natural flawless look that you can still rock for weeks if adding a bit of a toning shampoo.

It won’t affect your scalp like complete head colouring or root touches or after adding highlights improving, in fact, the quality of hair – looking and feeling thicker and bouncier.

Balayage hair done

Balayage Hair Color Ideas

The advantage of balayage is the multitude of choices it offers. A good hairdresser with an experienced team would help you achieve perfect styles like:

  • Rose Gold Balayage Highlights

Rose gold shimmery hues mixed with golden-toned inflexions perfectly blend with various skin types. 

Cotton candy or pale pink nuances used for balayage are super stylish choices that can easily wipe away at least five years of your age. 

  • Light Blonde Balayage on Red Hair

Red hair combined with light blonde add depth to your layers. Ask your hairdresser for a trendy haircut and style for an impressive change of look.

  • Balayage with Cool Brown 

Weave some subtle balance for a darker colour by mixing natural colours with balayage.

  • Auburn with Amber balayage highlights for older women

Auburn and amber balayage sweeten the complexion adding a subtle glow to a paler colour. The end will be a more textured and vibrant look.

  • Caramel Balayage on Brown Hair Color

Honey accents and caramel add shape and height to brown hair.

  • Rainbow Balayage Hair

Are you feeling a bit adventurous? Why not combine several colours ranging from pastel up to brighter shades.

How to balayage hair

Balayage is best if done by an expert hand as this technique involves hand-painting without using foil. Numerous people attempted at-home balayage with disastrous results that ended up being more expensive and damaging the hair strands.

Look for an exceptional skill that few can match when choosing a hairdresser. When done professionally, the results will be fantastic; moreover, the balayage can last for up to 12 weeks resulting in fewer visits to the hairdresser.

When you decide to go for this colouring technique, why not search for hair salons even further than your local ones. Do a bit of research online looking for London’s Number One Balayage Joint as an example. What you need is to check what the place is offering, the range of colours, quality certificates, customer reviews and of course their price list.

Before finishing, balayage may seem like another new thing devised to confuse you further; however, this technique will stay on trend and never become boring. It offers a wide variety of colours, giving anyone an instant glamorised look for longer than any other colouring technique.

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