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What are the benefits of drinking a lot of water

Benefits of drinking water

Water is an essential element for our living bodies. At birth, half of the human body contains water, and as an adult, the amount of water in our bodies is somewhere between 45 to 75 percent. This mass of water helps the optimal functions of the body. When people starve their bodies from the water, dehydration appears, affecting both the physical abilities and the person’s mental capability.

The scientific fact that people can not survive more than three days without water is well known by everyone. It’s something we learn in school and from our parents. 

Benefits of drinking water 

The importance of drinking water is highlighted by how governments worldwide took health specialists’ advice to advertise the daily amount of up to 8 glasses of water per day for the average person.

Staying well hydrated during the day is vital for everyone regardless the age. It aids the body to function well:

  • ensures good digestion (can affect weight positively)
  • protects from urinary disease
  • improves the lung’s function (especially during colds, by dispersing the mucus)
  • keeps the eyes moist, relieving them from extreme dryness and itchiness
  • it reduces the accumulation of kidney stones
  • the stomach will feel fuller, thus decreasing craving and overeating
  • helps the brain functions
  • improves memory and assimilation of new information
  • can help the body relax after strenuous effort
  • reduces dizziness
  • enhances a person’s mood
  • brigs clarity of focus
  • eases the manifestations of illness
  • controls the body’s temperature

A lot of water drunk during the day has some beauty perks as well:

  • Beautiful skin – well-hydrated skin will look youthful for longer years, keeping its softness and plumpness and reducing wrinkles’ appearance.

Dry and flaky skin and the one affected by eczema benefit tremendously by drinking plenty of liquids as the moisture will help cell-regeneration, resulting in a healthier-looking epidermis.

  • Stronger hair – the scalp is kept healthy, and the hair roots have a firmer grip. Hairloss is ameliorated, and hair looks shinier.

There could also be visible results in hair length increase, and this is because the hair strands are provided with the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.

  • Weightloss – water can help when dieting. Drinking water before a morning meal on an empty stomach will leave less space for food.
Drinking a lot of water

Healthy hydration

There are times when we might drink fewer liquids during our busy daily tasks, and our body will ask for something to be done. As an adult, it’s not very difficult to recognize the moment when you need to hydrate yourself.

For healthy hydration, people should drink mineral water rather than juices or sugary drinks. Sugar can dehydrate the body during the hot season.

How to keep hydrated:

  • Drink the daily recommended amount of water spread out through the day
  • Take with you a reusable water bottle everywhere
  • Drink sparkling/fizzy water when the craving for something different appears
  • Add ice cubes to your drinks and coffee
  • Replace any sugary juices with natural squeezed vegetables
  • Drink coconut water
  • Take few sips of water at regular times rather than waiting to feel thirsty
  • Avoid drinking alcohol (alternate with glasses of water when needed)

Children and teens spend their time in school busy learning new things, doing sports, playing, and chatting with their peers. It’s not unusual for them to forget the importance of keeping themselves hydrated, not to mention teens replacing water with sugary fizzy drinks or energy drinks that bring more harm to their growing bodies.

Schools and colleges do their job by interdicting learners to drink anything other than water in the classrooms. 

Children require to be encouraged to drink water and spread this healthy custom across the day. They need to be provided with a safe water bottle to use during the daytime.

On top of this, someone needs to remind them to drink water during the long hours away.

 A unique water bottle called Juglow takes this important role: reminding the child at regular intervals to sip water. The Juglow could be a good idea for adults as well.

Juglow water bottle

In conclusion, asking about the benefits of drinking water is just trying to determine how much oxygen one needs during the day. Drinking water is an imperative must for all living bodies, and this should be the sole thought when looking at the perks of water drinking.

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