Benefits of whole-body cryotherapy for Health Wellness

Whole body cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is known to reduce inflammation of the blood vessels resulting in better blood circulation. The benefits of whole-body cryotherapy for health and wellness include:

  • Faster cell regeneration that can benefit certain patients recovering from tumors
  • Recovery after injuries is sped up
  • Reduces general body pain
  • Efficient in dealing with recurring headaches and migraine symptoms
  • Improved sleeping pattern
  • Improved energy level before and after a demanding physical activity
  • Alleviates the pain and discomfort created by fibromyalgia
  • Minimizes the aspect of psoriasis, eczema, and other skin disorders by accelerating skin cell regeneration
  • Improved mental wellness with proved effects on anxiety, low mood, and even depression
  • Skin rejuvenating action, improving the aspect of deep lines and wrinkles
  • Aids whole body remodeling 
  • Might reduce the aspect of cellulite

To enjoy these benefits, it is recommended to participate in these sessions regularly. The results will vary from one individual to another however, temporary relief can be noticed straight away.

What is whole body cryotherapy?

Cold therapy is used to treat athletes, tennis players, footballers, gymnasts to recover after injuries or surgical procedures. Many NFL players use full-body cryotherapy instead of ice baths. Olympic athletes use full cryotherapy to reduce the severity of muscle pain and recover more quickly after strenuous activities. 

This type of therapy started as early as the 1970’s when a Japanese doctor used techniques associated with cold on patients suffering from arthritis. The cold therapy was successful and its benefits became wider known, spreading across the world.

The whole body cryotherapy is done in a chamber or a small pod resembling a sauna. Here the temperature can be lowered to -150 Celsius degree, -240 Fahrenheit. The maximum exposure time is only three minutes.

Some people with an underlying health condition will need to discuss first with a medical professional (at the clinic) before trying this form of therapy. Children and pregnant women should avoid cold therapy.

What to expect on a session for whole body cryotherapy 

After you found the cryotherapy clinic that suits your budget and your location, you may book your first appointment with them. They will tell you at the time of booking, the duration of this first session and what to bring with you.

On the day, the staff will ask you to complete a form related to any medical conditions, followed by a short discussion. You will then be able to see the treatment room/pod and ask any questions you might want to.

After the member of staff checked all the details with you, they will offer you a pair of slippers, socks, glove for protection from frostbite. In the chamber/pod you will be required to wear your underwear only (bras should be without any metal bits) or a swimming suit. For our privacy, you will have a robe to wear to and from the chamber.

During the first cryotherapy session, you might experience some discomfort as your body adapts to the temperature. There will be no pain just a general discomfort related to the dip in the degrees. However, this will change with every session and your body will soon adapt and recognize the pattern of this new habit of yours.

Whole-body cryotherapy is now available to a wider audience in clinics across the world. A simple search on the internet can lead to results showing cryotherapy clinics near your postcode. Starting from here you can find out more information regarding pricing on the services offered and book your first session in no time at all.

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