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Can Protein Shakes Replace Meals?

Lots of people have started using substitute drinks to replace meals. There are many reasons why this is the case. Some people find them better for their nutritional needs and healthier than the junk they usually eat. Others might do so because it’s convenient.

Regardless of the reason, it’s true that these drinks can help you a lot. But, whether or not that’s truly the case depends on the product you choose. Some drinks might help you replace meals, while some might not. This can be difficult for a lot of people to sort through.

Some try to replace meals with protein shakes too. They’re convenient and quick to make, so using them as replacements can be tempting. But, there’s a lot to know before using them to replace meals is possible. That said, keep on reading to learn what you need to about the topic.

How Much Nutrition Do You Need Daily?

Before deciding whether or not it’s possible to use protein shakes as a replacement for your meals, it’s essential to know more about your body’s needs. That means knowing exactly how many nutrients you’ll need per day and whether or not protein shakes can help you get them.

The average adult needs around 50g of protein, 310g of carbs, 30g dietary fiber, 90g sugar, 70g of fat, and more. Their diet should consist of around 2000 calories. While mostly accurate, keep in mind that these numbers may vary depending on your age, size, gender, and diet.

Certain protein shakes might help you get these nutrients. Many of them will help with your daily intake of protein, calories, and maybe even dietary fiber. But, they might lack the sugars and carbs you’d usually get from the meal you’re replacing.

That’s not necessarily a downside. Many people want to cut down on sugar and carbohydrates for fitness-related purposes. That’s because doing so helps you lose weight. If you’re looking to drink protein shakes instead of eating meals for similar reasons, then you’re in luck.

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Is It Possible To Drink Protein Shakes To Replace Meals?

Now that you know more about the body’s nutritional needs, the answer to the main question at hand is a bit clearer. But, it’s still not entirely clear. It can be either yes or no. The most crucial detail that decides this answer is the kind of protein shake you’re using.

You can only use protein shakes to replace meals when the shake provides adequate nutrition. Lots of them will help you get protein and calories, but they won’t help with other essential things. Make sure that the shake you get has all the nutrition you need.

If the shake can’t provide that, you can’t use it to replace meals. If you try to anyway, you’ll start growing weaker. This can lead to illnesses and potential medical conditions. So, avoid using protein shakes to replace meals if they don’t have enough nutrition.

What Diets Are Protein Shakes Suitable For?

As with every other food and drink, protein shakes are suitable for some diets while being detrimental for different types. These diets and how important they are to you play a huge role in deciding whether or not these drinks are suitable to replace meals for you.

For example, using protein shakes to replace entire meals in high-carb diets won’t do. They don’t provide enough carbs or fats for this. These diets are vital for people with diabetes because they help regulate various bodily functions.

So, if you’re a diabetic or anyone that wants to stick with high-carb diets, protein shakes can’t be used as meal replacements. They almost always have more protein than carbs. You’ll have to find other alternatives in this case.

But they’re suitable for those going for low-carb and low-fat diets. Protein shakes have lots of protein but low carbs and fat to accompany them. Because of that, they’re good for diets like these and especially ideal for keto dieting.

Instead of eating a meal high in carbohydrates, a protein shake can provide the necessary nutrients. It does so while making sure you remain in ketosis the entire time.

To make the answer clear, protein shakes won’t be suitable for most diets that require high carbs. But, they’re ideal help as a replacement for meals in diets where you need to eat a relatively lower amount of carbs, such as a keto diet.

Alternatively, you can use meal replacement shakes. These give you all the nutrition you need and are made for the sole purpose of replacing meals, unlike protein shakes. There are also many different types available, meaning you’ll be able to find one to match your needs.
For example, several exceptional options are available if you’re on a keto diet. If you’re looking to learn more about these options and how they can help, follow this link to learn more about the best keto-friendly meal replacement shakes from a popular shakes blog, Shakes Lab.

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How Many Meals Can You Replace With Protein Shakes?

It’s essential to know just how often you can replace a meal with protein shakes. Many people might look at the fitness benefits and think they’ll only drink these shakes from now on. However, that won’t help. Instead, it’ll make you weaker since you won’t get enough nutrition.

You should only replace one meal a day with protein shakes for starters. Anything more than that might be too big of a change for your body to handle at the start. This can lead to digestive distress and other similar issues.

Since protein shakes don’t focus on many nutrients other than calories and protein, we recommend that you don’t try to replace two or more meals with them. Fitness goals and weight loss aren’t more important than your health. Remember that and get suitable nutrition instead of drinking these supplements all the time.

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Can They Help With Weight Loss?

Protein shakes contain a good amount of calories. But, it’s still usually drastically less than what you’d get from the whole meal that you’ll be replacing. For that reason alone, they can help a lot with weight loss. The vital thing to keep in mind is that they can only help.

Drinking protein shakes alone won’t automatically make you more fit. You’ll have to watch out for your overall diet and eat less fattening foods. You also have to put all of that protein to good use by working out and going for jogs regularly. Only then will you be able to lose weight.

So, while protein shakes are definitely helpful for cutting down on some pounds, they aren’t miracle drinks. They can only do so much for you. You’ll have to take care of the rest by doing your part and eating healthy while getting a good amount of exercise regularly.

Remember to Follow Doctor’s Orders

One last important detail you should remember is that every person has their requirements. Some people suffer from certain medical conditions. That makes it impossible for them to try specific foods or diets. 

With that said, you must consult your doctor before using protein shakes as a replacement for meals. No one knows your body better than the doctor that regularly tends to you. The most crucial advice is theirs.

Give them a quick call and ask them if your body is suited to such a change to your diet. They’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know depending on any existing conditions. They might even be able to suggest a shake that works best for you that way.


Long story short, it’s certainly possible to use protein shakes to replace meals. That’s only the case if you’re on a diet that requires low carbs and fat, though. Otherwise, you’ll have to look at other supplements for your meal replacement needs.

Speaking of other supplements, meal replacement shakes are ideal for this purpose. They can help you substitute a full meal easily, and they work well with most diets too. It’s a much more convenient option to use them instead of figuring out how to make protein shakes work for this purpose.

But, if you’re still intent on using protein shakes, all the information you need to know has already been shared above. Hopefully, it can help you make the right decision about your diet. Just remember what we said, and there won’t be much to worry about.

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