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Clean beauty skincare

Clean beauty skincare

The clean beauty movement aims to bring into the skincare market products that are free from harsh chemicals and contain plant-based ingredients enriched with minerals and vitamins.

Although this is not a new concept and it might get confused with the organic skincare market, clean beauty products are different in the way that manufacturers use the newest developments in the beauty technology to create products that show visible effects on the skin rather than just using plant extracts.

Visible effects on the skin

Clean beauty products

On the market today there are a variety of products that are geared towards the minimalist clean beauty. 

  • Creams, serums, facial cleansers, face toners and facial oils are designed to take care of your facial skin needs. 
  • In terms of makeup, the newly created beauty brands and renowned companies across the world, have created new clean beauty makeup lines. Their products are more natural, subtle, helping to create a clean natural look in minutes.
  • Haircare and body care are among the latest to join the minimalist clean beauty trend with products that care for the hair and the body, nourishing and replenishing the lost hydration and elasticity.

The clean beauty trend also works on minimizing waste. Skincare manufacturers are using more and more recycled and recyclable packaging to reduce their carbon footprint.

Essential oil and flowers

Clean beauty brands

Big names have rushed to mass produce and sell new skincare and makeup products under the clean skincare label. However, there are new contenders on the market that are worth trying.

One of such examples in terms of minimalist clean beauty is Miseico. This new brand has at heart the belief in pure beauty as per their name where Misei in Kanji is translated by exactly these two words: clean beauty.

Miseico was founded in Singapore by Michelle Chan. Her experience and disappointment with unethical and unsustainable beauty brands led her to create a brand that delivers its clean beauty promises.

Miseico uses organic ingredients that enhance the skin’s natural beauty and act against the external harmful factors without any added harsh ingredients. Their packaging is in line with their sustainability promise, using recycled and repurposed materials as much as possible.

The Miracle Pour serum is the star of this company. This serum is great for a minimalist beauty ritual as in just one step your facial skin is cared for without the need of adding anything else. 

The Miracle Pour | Miseico

Simply by pouring 5 drops into the hands, gently pressed on the face and neck, twice a day the skin will feel and look visibly smoother, clearer and have a natural glow.

Suitable for all skin types, for men and women alike, this serum has over 24 natural ingredients that fight against the aging process, actively  enhancing the skin’s elasticity, plumping and smoothing the facial skin. Its powerful botanical blend has plenty of vitamins and essential minerals that penetrate the skin and visibly enhances its natural beauty.

The Miracle pour comes in a travel sized bottle of 5 ml or the full sized 30 ml glass bottle, with a glass dropper pipette that allows you to pour the exact amount needed each time. A 30 ml bottle can last 14 weeks when using twice a day after cleansing the face and neck.

You can find this new clean beauty product on the Miseico website (MISEICO, Minimalist Clean Beauty) with the added bonus of free worldwide delivery.

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