Cost of rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Istanbul Turkey is cheaper than in other countries such as the USA and the United Kingdom. The prices start from around 2000 $ up to 10000 $. Prices, however, vastly depend on each situation a patient may present with.

The rhinoplasty prices in the UK start from around £4000 whilst in the USA they start from 3600 $.

The top three factors that affect the total cost of a rhinoplasty are:

  • The plastic surgeon’s fee
  • The fee for the anesthesia
  • The facilities offered by the operating theatre/ overnight care

Is it safe to get rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Many people are tempted to assume that the difference in pricing could affect the quality of the nose job and the post surgical care. This however is not the case. Turkey is famous for its innovative medical practices, with renowned surgeons and practitioners that work miracles with their patients.

Why is Turkey surgery cheaper?

The cost of rhinoplasty is lower due to the lower Turkish wages and a much competitive pricing of medical equipment.

There are several  costs that should be taken into account when comparing pricing in Turkey to other countries. These are the pre and post-operative costs associated with a rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic surgery. 

  • Blood and other medically necessary tests
  • Post-operatory Prescriptions
  • Post-surgery follow-up visits
Why is Turkey surgery cheaper

Rhinoplasty Turkey Istanbul

The cosmopolitan city of Istanbul is easy to access by plane, train, boat or car making it the most obvious choice for any cosmetic surgery especially rhinoplasty.

There are a number of clinics with advanced equipment and well-prepared personnel like the Avsar Aesthetic Clinic. Here, Dr Yakup Avsar, a successful plastic surgeon has designed a complete device for video endoscopic plastic surgical procedures.

Avsar Clinic

The clinic now offers video endoscopic rhinoplasty. The endoscopic micro rhinoplasty conducted by Dr Avşar guarantees that every level of the surgical procedure is executed with sharp and precise movements. This device allows the surgeon to see its work in fine detail resulting in an elegant procedure that is less invasive than others. 

Dr Yakup Avsar at his clinic in Turkey

Thanks to this amazing device, each surgical step from the end of the nostril to the pinnacle of the nostril may be tracked in micro details. The described procedure reduces the risk of broken nasal bones, with less scarring and with invisible stitching. This type of rhinoplasty is also suitable for respiration issues attributable to irregularities in the nostril. 

Is rhinoplasty worth it?

Rhinoplasty can solve a lot of issues starting with the obvious cosmetical one and ending with a life-enhancing procedure:

Is rhinoplasty worth it?
  • Reduces a bridge or a hump on the nostril
  • Changes the shape of the nostril
  • The perspective of the nostril is improved
  • The width of the nostril resolved
  • The length, width, and the shape of the nose
  • Repairing unsuccessful previous rhinoplasty
  • Changes for the tip of the nose
  • Crooked nose (symmetry)
  • Ethnic nose (without losing the ethnic uniqueness) 
  • Solves breathing issues

Questions to ask before rhinoplasty

  • Ask about your surgeon’s experience in the field
  • What is the approximate length of the procedure
  • What side effects patients might experience
  • How to prepare for the day
  • What happens immediately after the surgery
  • Ask about the follow-up consultations
  • Check the costs – to include everything you need
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