Does Kybella really work?

Does Kybella really work

Having a double chin is one thing that most women and men would want to avoid. Unfortunately, a double chin shows off as soon as a person gains weight, even a few pounds.

With time, the aging skin loses its elasticity, and it’s harder to keep the fat folds in check.

There are a few cosmetical solutions created to help with reducing the aspect of the secondary chin. One of these is Kybella injection, a fat-dissolving formula approved by the FDA.

Kybella injectable treatment

The Kybella drug can eliminate the fat around the chin area with permanent results after the number of treatments recommended by an approved and trained health provider.

This drug’s main ingredient is a replica of an acid found in the bile produced in our bodies. This acid suppresses the soft fat beneath the chin, successfully remodeling the whole area.

Being a non-surgical procedure, the Kybella injectable solution is a fast and easy answer to eliminate the unwanted plies under the jaw.

The treatment duration depends on each individual’s needs; however, there can’t be more than six doses for each case. In some cases, only two doses, at 1-2 months distance, suffice, while it might cross over the fourth dose for the most.

Kybella cost

As per any other cosmetic procedure, the costs differ from one place to another due to factors like:

  • cost of the drug
  • training for the specialist
  • surgeon’s wage
  • location
  • number of treatments needed

Prices can start from 600$ and go up to 3000$ or more. The best way to find the pricing for this procedure is by checking with a beauty clinic close to you.

For example, if you are close to the New York City area and looking to improve your facial contours and chin profile, check this link: Kybella in NYC. They can help you as a whole, from the inner self to outer beauty.

Is Kybella worth the money?

According to clinical trials and the results on people that have tried this type of cosmetic procedure, positive results can appear in both men and women regardless of their age. 

Positive results differ from a person to another as this drug requires the body to work along with the method to dissolve excess fat. This fact led to a long debate if Kybella really works.

Feedback from individuals shows different opinions on whether the treatment was worth it or not. Most of them agree that they are not sure of the results after the first procedure (a fact admitted by the aestheticians). The results change as soon as you look at people’s reviews after the second dose of treatment.

What to consider before a Kybella treatment

Acknowledging that the results are visible gradually and the differences between each case, anyone that wishes to undergo this cosmetic method must be aware of a variable downtime. By choosing a highly experienced doctor to perform this injectable treatment, the downtime might be considerably reduced.

Kybella is a non-invasive and non-surgical facial sculpture method. Still, there will be some side effects visible after each procedure:

  • swelling of the treated area
  • redness
  • small bruising
  • numbness

These effects last for a short period, and they will undoubtedly become less severe with each extra dose.

All in all, Kybella can prove the best way to get rid of the unsightly double chin for anyone that feels a bit squirmy when thinking about cosmetic surgery. It is essential to have a one to one discussion with your doctor and a medical expert in an aesthetic clinic before deciding to undergo this injectable treatment.

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