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Hair loss – Is wearing a wig the alternative?

Hair loss - Is wearing a wig the alternative

Hair loss can affect anyone regardless of age or sex. Dealing with thinning hair and the loss of hair can chip at someone’s confidence. It can affect that person both emotionally and socially.

Nobody is exempt from baldness and although the causes differ from one person to another. Hair loss – alopecia – can affect the young and the mature and it is triggered by different factors.

Experts talk about different types of alopecia :

  • Thinning of the hair
  • Total hair loss 

Both can happen suddenly or start gradually. In some cases, like the hereditary (genetically inherited from one of the parents) alopecia, hair loss due to trauma and accidents or chemotherapy, alopecia is unavoidable.

Pregnancy and hormonal changes can also lead to your hair to fall temporary. However, there’s hope for everyone: there are ways to cope with this difficult issue.

How to avoid damaging your own hair

To preserve your own hair and keep it healthy you need to take care of your hair.  Your lifestyle, diet, drugs, and pollution all may result in hair loss.

Protecting your hair daily through following a few simple steps will help to avoid breakage, damage, and possible baldness.

Hair maintenance

Simple tips to keep your own hair for longer:

  • Brush your hair daily with gentle movements and use a good quality brush (or comb) avoiding pulling too hard. Long hair that is predisposed to knots should be treated with a detangling spray.
  • Take a shower at a medium temperature avoiding hot water. An unsuitable high temperature will harm hair roots. Alternating medium water temperature with cold water will lock in moisture and make your hair shinier.
  • In the media, there were numerous cases presented with people that burned their hair irreparably by using hot styling tools. Reduce the time spent using hairdryers, hot airbrushes, or hair straighteners. They harm the hair cuticles and reduce the natural moisture of your hair. If possible ditch these methods and leave your hair to dry naturally.
  • Your daily diet, crash dieting, and losing weight in a short period can cause your hair to fall due to an imbalance in nutrients and vitamins.
  • Use hair ties a bit lose. An extremely tight ponytail can result in Traction Alopecia. 
  • Do not use styling products that have long-term results and are generally sticky. They dry your hair leading to breakage and damage.
  • If you dye your hair, ensure you use quality products, checking for the ammonia quantity and the use by date.
  • During the Summer months and when sunbathing, remember to use protective sprays for your hair or cover it with a hat. Alternatively, wearing a cap or a hat for prolonged periods will result in loss of hair.
  • An itchy scalp needs attention and specialized treatment. Too much scratching will damage the sensitive scalp skin and leads to hair loss.
  • Medication can result in hair thinning so it is best to let you doctor or pharmacist know if you have these symptoms to change your prescription
What to do if you lose your hair

What to do if you lose your hair

Talk to your pharmacist or consult with a hair loss specialist BEFORE any more harm is done and to find ways of how to cope in this situation.

To reduce hair loss and prevent alopecia there are shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks developed by pharmacists.

There is also the option of taking medicines, using steroid creams and injections – under a doctor’s supervision.

These treatments though don’t work for everyone and can be expensive.

The best option for partial and total hair loss is wearing a scarf or a wig that can be adapted to your style.

Wearing a wig gives you the best coverage and the products on offer nowadays come in varied shapes and colors. One can even choose to have more than one wig and change their hairstyle daily.

No wonder that even celebrities wear wigs to cover up or change their style!

Wigs can be made of synthetic materials and human hair and come at different prices depending on their quality.

What kind of wigs looks real?

Nowadays everyone can go to a specialized shop that sells the best of both human and synthetic hair and they’re qualified in assisting you to look natural and normal wearing your hair replacement. Needless to say, anyone can go online and search for the most affordable hairpiece available.

Synthetic hair wigs

Synthetic hair wigs 

They are generally less expensive, but need to be handled with care and don’t last as long. That’s not necessarily a bad thing if someone prefers to change their style more often. 

Synthetic hair might be the perfect choice for someone looking for a more affordable option. These items are also better suited for short to mid-length hairstyles.

A disadvantage would be that it can’t be styled using hot styling tools unless using a professional “heat safe” model suitable for synthetic materials.

Human hair wigs 

A generally more versatile hair replacement option. Whilst being more expensive, they can last for a much longer period of wear than their synthetic alternatives. 

They also tend to look more natural as the hair shifts during wear because they have higher quality texture and feel.

A massive advantage is that heat styling tools can be used on human hair wigs. The style of these wigs can be changed up much more often than when using synthetic wigs.

If someone aims to wear their wig for longer than a year a human hair wig is the best option. You can find here genuine reviews with photos for the best human hair wigs.

Human hair can come from places all over the world, such as Asia, Africa, China, and Europe. Hair can be sourced through various different ways, so a bit of research into different types of hair from different regions before taking the plunge and making an investment in a wig is worthwhile.

To answer the question related to which wigs look more realistic, it’s safe to say that the ones made with human hair will give the most appreciated look.

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