Health benefits of quitting alcohol

Health benefits of quitting alcohol

The regular consumption of alcohol has a massive impact on the human body. It is widely known that alcohol is the root cause of over 60 medical conditions, including addiction and causing early death.

The benefits of quitting alcohol include:

  • Improved mental capacity
  • Improved memory
  • Better mobility and balance
  • Weight loss
  • Better nighttime sleep
  • Better vision
  • No more headaches and vomiting due to hangover
  • A healthier liver
  • Fewer chances to develop cancer
  • Better kidney functions
  • Lowers the blood sugar
  • Improves the skin’s elasticity
  • Effective anti-aging results
  • Stops hair loss
  • A healthier intimate relationship
  • Reducing the level of cholesterol
  • Reduces the risk of heart-related illnesses
  • Improves the immune system
  • The cells can regenerate to heal the body faster
  • Improved mental health – anxiety and depression
  • Establishes positive social relationships
  • Improved family life
  • Better anger management
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Stops a person from doing ridiculous things
  • Saves a lot of money
  • It saves your life!

Alcohol is sold everywhere and glamorous magazines include images with celebrities enjoying alcohol nearly everywhere: in their homes, in bars or restaurants, on the beach, in the hairstylists or whilst waiting for the next beauty treatment. Young people are exposed to these images and alcohol seems trendy so they will start drinking earlier than in their 18’s.

Alcohol can be enjoyed moderately when celebrating something special or trying to unwind. However, scientists agree that alcohol doesn’t actually bring any benefits to the body, on top of it piling a huge amount of unnecessary calories increasing the risk of obesity.

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How to stop drinking alcohol

To stop drinking alcohol, discuss with a person close to you. You will realize that people are open and supportive and can help you devise a plan on how to deal with this issue.

Stopping from drinking alcohol doesn’t need to be gloomy and it certainly shouldn’t make you feel ashamed of yourself. Your family and friends will be there for you and you will be surprised at how much effort they will put in to support you in your lowest moments.

Buy a small notepad and keep a diary then you can start with these small steps:

  • Leave that glass of wine for later (maybe tomorrow or as a treat at the end of the week).
  • Leftover wine can be used for cooking
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Eat a healthy diet with plenty of veggies and fruits.
  • Start by adding drink-free days into your calendar and stick to them
  • When you want a liquid treat, choose a fruit juice, smoothie, or an antioxidant drink.
  • Swap alcoholic cocktails for mocktails
  • Change your habits when going out with your friends by choosing a low-level alcoholic drink that lasts for hours and continue with a juice or tonic water.
  • Avoid buying alcohol on your weekly shopping trip.
  • Count your money leaving out the amount you would normally spend buying alcohol. You can put these in a money box and count them at the end of the month to see how much you saved.
  • Have around you people that encourage you not to drink.
  • Remain positive and discuss your mental health with someone supportive.
  • Take on a hobby or a sport.
  • Focus your energy on something positive like gardening, coloring or reading.
  • Volunteer into your community.
  • Adopt or buy a pet 
  • Spend lots of time outdoors.
  • Try meditation and breathing exercises to help relieve stress
  • Use an app to track your alcohol consumption
  • Ask someone’s advice – it can be someone you know, a pharmacist or your doctor.

If you have a moment of weakness, don’t be too hard on yourself. Mistakes are part of being human and it’s the best way to learn new lessons. Rather than giving up on the good work you have built so far, continue with your drink-free days. Talk with family or friends and find ways to prevent further accidents.

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Alcohol addiction treatment

When alcohol addiction is deepening people will find it really difficult to cope with changes in their drinking routine. This is the time when the best option to quit alcohol is by undergoing an alcohol addiction treatment.

The duration of treatment and the methods used depend on how deep the addiction is and of how long this has been happening during your life.

The treatment can consist of counseling sessions, joining alcohol misuse groups, sharing tips on how to quit alcohol, keeping a diary on how many drinks you have over a certain period of time. Your doctor will discuss all of this with you and will suggest further appointments to touch base and see where you are heading to.

The doctor might suggest starting by drinking moderately and gradually give up alcohol. Abstinence will be recommended especially if there are immediate health risks that put your life and the life of others in danger.

To cope with the detox phase and the withdrawal symptoms you might receive medication.

When the addiction is strong and these steps can’t be taken, people can opt to be put into alcohol rehab centers. A lot of times, families will have to take this drastic measure to save their loved ones before it’s too late.

Private alcohol rehab centres

The private alcohol rehab centers work with diverse methods to stop addiction, placing an important accent on mental wellbeing through holistic approaches.

These centers have highly skilled well-paid staff that will ensure that each patient is cared for and the right steps are followed for faster healing.

A private rehab centre can offer a lot of advantages:

  • Personalized programs with dedicated members of staff
  • Yoga classes and sports facilities
  • Dietary counseling
  • SPA, massage, and sauna
  • Private rooms
  • Centers set in beautiful locations
  • Privacy 
  • Personalized plan to prevent alcohol relapse

Making the decision to reduce and completely give up alcohol may well be the best decision you take in your life. The health benefits of quitting alcohol are numerous and it is totally worth trying to change your lifestyle. Your body, your mind and your loved ones will thank you for your decision.

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