How to apply strip lashes

How to apply strip lashes

Wearing false lashes will instantly give a glamourous look to anyone. False eyelashes come in varied shapes, sizes and don’t require much expertise to acquire the desired look. Strip lashes are pretty easy to use once you remember the steps to applying them safely and with minimum effort.

For beginners, buying a cheaper set of strip lashes to practice application could be a good idea. Thus, making a few mistakes won’t cost you too much and also you will feel more relaxed the first time.

Applying strip eyelashes

Once you have your chosen pair of lashes, place them close to you. Have at hand a clean pair of scissors, clean tweezers and a handheld mirror in a well-lit area of your room. 

The initial step is to check if the strip is a good fit for your eye size by holding it close to the eyelid over the natural eyelashes. 

If it fits your lid line, you can continue with shaping it. However, if it’s longer, you will need to adjust its size to fit naturally. Trim it to the required length by cutting a straight angle from the inside to the outside of the lash strip.

Using dirty scissors can carry harmful bacteria that can affect the health of your eyes.

Newly bought lashes might require a bit of shaping. You can do this by rolling them one by one around one finger for a few seconds.

Apply your makeup before glueing the strip

Apply your makeup before glueing the strip, complete with mascara to give a bit of weight to your natural eyelashes. The mascara coat will make it easier to wear the falsies over the natural ones.

Use a quality adhesive to glue your strip lashes. A little blob is sufficient to add to the strip’s edge and spread it evenly without putting any glue on the lashes. Wait for your eyelashes kit’s suggested time (around 30 seconds) to allow the adhesive to dry a bit.

Place the handheld mirror under the face, look down and then apply the strip with the help of your tweezers. It would be great if you held your eyes open to avoid changing the lids’ shape.

If you used the same strip before, make sure you remove any bits of old dried glue before reapplying.

The last step is to ensure a uniform look by adding a liquid eyeliner to conceal the glued area and make it blend naturally with the lash line.

Strip lashes can be worn for up to 24 hours

Strip lashes can be worn for up to 24 hours. They can be removed multiple times during one day, simply by using the tweezers and then following previous steps to reapply them.

Before going to bed, strip lashes should be removed to avoid rubbing and pulling natural eyelashes. Treat any shop-bought false eyelashes as makeup – remove it when not necessary, especially at bedtime.

Once you master how to apply strip lashes, you can look at more expensive alternatives that would give you a luxurious makeup experience and make your eyes stand out day or evening wherever you go.

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