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How to get rid of scars?

How to get rid of scars

When you have a scar on your face or any other part of the body is because you once had an accident, or you underwent a surgery, or due to acne problems.

No matter the reasons why you have that scar on your skin, people will regularly ask you things like: Why that scar? Or what happened there, my friend? – And in those situations, you may feel sort of uncomfortable or embarrassed if the scar is the result of precisely an experience you just don’t want people to know about.

Regardless of the cause of the scar, there’s a solution, or rather, many solutions that can lead you to have a lighter-colored scar or its total disappearance. What are you looking for? Do you want that embarrassing and wart-like scar to vanish?

Well, it all depends on how deep in the skin the scar is. For example, if you got burned and the burn is not severe, then you will find the solution in home remedies over time.

But if you’ve scalded your skin with hot water (these accidents happen and hurt a lot), then, you will have to resort to a specialized laser-based surgery to get rid of the blemish.

For some people, however, scars are a symbol of pride. They could have fought in a competition where they succeeded or they may have done something making them prefer the scar to stay as a sign of bravery on their skin. 

How do you reduce the appearance of scars?

As already explained, scars can be treated in two ways: the natural way and the specialist way which implies going to the dermatologist, medication intake, and surgery. 

  1. Treating scars the natural way may be cheaper than the other method, but it generally takes longer to see the first positive effects.

There are natural and herbal lotions you can purchase in some stores all of which are over-the-counter products.

The lion’s share of natural remedies may be found in your very kitchen. Look around for those remedies because they are very close to you, you actually use them for cooking.

Something you have to know is that vegetables, tubers, sweet things like honey, and such as are not only for cooking or marinating your food as they have other properties that make them be really helpful for other stuff. In this case, they will help you get rid of scars, or at least they will help you make those scars be nearly imperceptible (this is the utmost some remedies can do for you).

As said, those ingredients are very affordable in case you don’t have them in your pantry (which can be rare if you cook on a regular basis).

Talking about ingredients irremediably leads us to recipes. Yes, as in the case of cooking or something, making recipes with these ingredients may help you with the scar problem.

Then, we can say there are as many home remedies as stars in the sky and fish in the sea due to the fact that there are luckily bunches of useful natural products and ingredients that can be used to go about the problem effectively.

If you can’t find one of those herbs, oils, or natural remedies very easily because of time or work, order it online or go to the closest flea market where street vendors are likely to have them available.

The good side of resorting to natural remedies for scars is that you won’t probably need somebody else’s assistance to help you apply them to your body. Yet, if you count on your significant one, it’s much better; after all, most of them are lotion-like liquids to be directly applied to the skin through a massage.

If the scars are on your back, how are you going to use the remedy? Go for someone you trust to lend you a hand and the experience will be different.

  1. The specialist method involves taking medication and surgery, and results may appear earlier.

However, there are scars that are unlikely to be completely eliminated.

It is recommended to go to the dermatologist in case you want immediate results since 

  1. Scars can also be treated with a combination of both methods, naturally and with the aid of a specialist.

A combination of both methods can provide better results since natural remedies rarely interfere with the action of chemical medication. 

There are over-the-counter chemicals available at the drugstore. Most of these products are affordable and they are even useful for warts, black spots, and other skin problems.

Scar treatment home remedies

There are certainly some recommendations you just can´t disregard. For example, you can’t take a bath or a shower just after having used one of the natural remedies (this is an example, there are exceptions).

You shouldn’t expose your skin to the sunlight a few minutes after.

Read recommendations and suggestions in articles like this one or by watching YouTube videos; skin experts provide good information on their YouTube channels.

Needless to say, avoid overshooting the limit of use of any home remedy considering that exceeding limits always leads to more trouble. 

It is advisable to combine several home remedies until the problem goes away.

Bear in mind that natural remedies’ side effects are fewer than those of chemical medication. However, very few chemical medications have an impact of any kind on the skin when properly used. 

The key is in not self-prescribing in this case. If you mistrust the natural alternative, then go to the dermatologist and don’t self-prescribe medicines unless you are a dermatologist yourself.

Allow for the fact that when it comes to creating something with chemicals, we are always at risk of being allergic to a compound; so, be careful and do the right thing.

Now, if you are fond of natural options, read the following remedies that may somehow improve your situation.

Coconut Oil

Most kinds of oil are good for scars but this one just stands out above the others. Coconut oil has the ability to keep the skin moist which may help prevent the scar or wound from extending more on your skin. It also counts on antioxidant properties and it reduces keloid scar tissues. It is better to apply coconut oil and shea butter at the same time. 


  • Use this remedy three times a week until you see the first effects. 
  • Try to apply when not having any clothes on (after a shower for example). 
  • It is recommended to use this remedy when the skin is still wet since coconut oil and shea butter moisturize the skin, therefore the effect on the wound would be much better.

The only drawback of this remedy is that coconut oil stains silk garments and some kinds of fabric.

Lemon for scars

Believe it or not, this fruit is also an alternative to get rid of scars. Lemons have a type of acid called Alpha Hydroxy acid or AHA, which is good to remove dead cells stimulating the growth of new skin cells. Lemons are not guaranteed to eliminate all the scars but they help lighten those hard to kill. 


  • The remedy with lemons to get rid of scars consists of taking a swab and dipping it into some lemon squash. 
  • Then rub the swab on the area. 
  • Let the lemon juice rest on the affected area for ten minutes.

Recommendation: when using this remedy, wear something that covers the scarred area since the skin gets sensitive to light when it comes in contact with lemon juice.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is well-known for being very effective in the treatment of many skin problems. Aloe Vera is also an option when it comes to fighting those uncomfortable scars. 


  • The remedy is very easy, just peel the aloe vera and use the sticky substance as a lotion. 
  • Let the liquid stand for half an hour or more, it is rapidly absorbed by the skin and the benefits are noticeable.

Indian Gooseberry to get rid of scars

Indian gooseberries are easily found in the market so consider buying some next time you go shopping. They are known as amla and they contain a lot of vitamin C. The way they work consists of the inhibition of new scar tissue.


Mix some gooseberry powder with water or olive oil and place the paste on the scarred skin.

A topical option that may interest you:

Treat scars with silicone

Although it’s not a home remedy, using silicone as a last resort may lead you to the scar problem solution. They are available in two forms, in gels and sheets and both are equally effective and practical in the scar treatment. 

CICA-CARE Silicone gel sheets
CICA-CARE Silicone gel sheets


Apply the silicone gel to the area and wait for it to rest on the skin. In case the gel doesn’t stick, use medical tape to fix it firmly.

Silicone strips for scars

Puriderma Medical Silicone Scar Removal Extra Large Sheets
Puriderma Medical Silicone Scar Removal Extra Large Sheets

If the solutions presented here fail to completely hide the scar, then get a motivational sweatshirt to divert people’s eyes to its message.

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