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How to get the perfect bikini line

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Getting the perfect bikini line proves to be quite a challenge especially when your plans change at the last moment.

The area known as the bikini line is more sensitive than the other parts of your leg. The removal of the hair is more painful and it requires a bit more attention before and after the removal process. Being a sensitive area prone to infections caused by stray bacterias, the appropriate hair removal method needs to be used.

Bikini area

Bikini line hair removal methods

  • The fastest and easiest way to get rid of the unwanted hair is by shaving the bikini line with the aid of a razor and a well lathered skin. This method, though, possesses a high risk of minor cuts and grazes that can be painful and unsightly. Moreover, the hairs will grow back in only a few days.
  • Hair trimmers are good alternatives to the manual razors.
  • Another option is the use of a depilatory cream on the area. One important thing to keep in mind is that a high number of people found out that the chemicals contained by normal depilatory creams can lead to redness and skin burns. 
  • Waxing and sugaring are the most preferred hair removal methods leaving you with perfectly smooth skin.

 The waxing strips and the wax/sugaring paste can be quite fiddly to work with, resulting in a messy work area and untouched patches of hair. All of this before mentioning the risk of burns if using hot wax. Waxing is better when done in a beauty salon by a beautician.

  • Using electrical epilators is another way to perfect the bikini line without too much effort.
  • IPL hair removal is one of the most advanced options in terms of getting rid of hair from the bikini area
Bikini line epilators

How to get the perfect bikini line with the best hair removal solution

The well-known brand Braun, invested years of research to create the best epilator devices that are gentle on the skin and leave results as good as waxing in a matter of minutes. 

Their Silk-épil Trimmer bikini styler gives a precise shaping result to the bikini area,removing the hairs and leaving your skin looking smooth for nearly 4 weeks.

Using a trimmer to get rid of the unwanted hairs, allows you to create a desired shape due to the precise bikini trimmer head.

Bikini line methods

To epilate the bikini line safely and with perfect results you should:

  • Set up your work area in a comfortable place with plenty of light.
  • Clean your skin by taking a shower with warm water and using a moisturizing soap or shower gel. Pat dry with a towel.
  • Choose the suitable trimmer head for the sensitive area
  • Hold your skin tight and gently bring the epilator to the skin
  • Start by moving carefully the trimmer in the direction the hair grows
  • When you finish, remove any stubbles and apply an after-waxing gel or cream

Epilators are easy to use in the comfort of your home as well when travelling. Using an epilator regularly will affect the hair growth in the area treated, as the hairs will be less coarse.

You can check those epilators for the bikini line online by reading about advantages and disadvantages, comparing products, checking results from other users and finding out the latest prices.

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