How to maintain Urological Health

How to maintain Urological Health

An unhealthy lifestyle can come to bite us at any point in time. It is better to take active steps towards maintaining your fitness. When it comes to weight management, there are plenty of guides to help you out. Also, it is a popular dialogue; therefore, there is not much left to shed light on. Urological health does not get much attention, hence this article.

Urological systems in both men and women are prone to infections and other internal disorders. You can not always pin urological disorders on lifestyle habits; there may be some underlying causes or previous diseases causing them. Yet, it does well for an individual to actively work on their health, avoiding any unnecessary visit to the Urologist Specialist in Fort Lauderdale.  

This article will explain how we can care for our bladder and our kidneys before any issues crop us.

  • Watch your water intake: Water is 70% of the body, and it cannot be emphasized enough to hydrate yourself regularly. Water dissolves particles that may sometimes result in kidney or bladder stones. According to the urology health organization, one should ideally drink about 3 quarts (ten 10 ounce glasses) of liquid per day to reduce kidney stones’ risk. You should also limit caffeine and alcohol intake. People suffering from kidney stones have to follow a certain diet to prevent various kinds of stones (calcium, oxalate, and Uric Acid) from forming in your body. 
  • Maintain hygiene around genitalia: Men and women should both follow and maintain proper hygiene to avoid developing an infection. It is normal to use the lavatory 4 to 8 times a day and no more than twice a night. If you need to urinate more than twice, you might be suffering from a condition known as nocturia. Take time to empty your bladder. If you do not empty your bladder fully, the chances are that you may develop an infection. Wash thoroughly using mild soap and stay from fragrant soaps that irritate the skin. Washing once every day is enough, and no requirement of special chemicals claim to balance the pH of the skin and surrounding area for women. 
  • Watch what you eat: Certain foods bother the bladder and worsen urinary incontinence. You can choose to avoid foods like chocolate (again, it contains caffeine) and spicy and acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus foods. Suppose you suffer from any Urological conditions and are looking for a Urologist Specialist in Fort Lauderdale. In that case, you should check out Gousse Urology, a premier urological health institute with over a quarter of a century of experience. Their impeccable service has led to many rave reviews and healed several thousand people. 
  • If you haven’t till now, quit smoking: Smoking is a leading cause of bladder cancer as cigarette smokers are at high risk almost two to three times as much as non-smokers to have bladder cancer and even erectile dysfunction.
  • Maintain sexual hygiene: Both men and women need to urinate, wash and clean after sexual activity. It helps to clear out bacteria that may have entered through the partner’s genitals. Women are especially prone to several infections because of this; therefore, they should exercise extra caution.
  • Engage in pelvic floor exercises: Also known as Kegel exercises, this helps strengthen pelvic musculature and strengthen the bladder and associated organs. They are also helpful in the treatment of various urological disorders. It helps to stay within your normal weight range and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Speak freely to your urologist if you encounter any symptoms of a disorder. 

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