Is it OK to eat a little chocolate every day?

It is OK to eat a little chocolate every day

Chocolate – everyone’s most favoured food can be eaten every day. What actually matters in terms of a healthy diet and lifestyle is the amount you eat every day and the type of chocolate you choose.

Benefits of eating chocolate

We tend to think of chocolate as a sugary treat, and most of us don’t spend too much time overthinking its main ingredient: cocoa. Cocoa beans have been used for centuries, in powdered form, as a medicinal remedy. 

As a beverage, cocoa was used as a relaxing mean for patients or as a stimulant to boost energy. 

In Europe, in the form of chocolate, cocoa was used by medical experts to help weak patients gain weight, aid digestion, or combined with medicines and herbs to give a more pleasant mean to treat a fussy patient. 

Modern studies show that chocolate with a high content of cocoa has positive effects when consumed moderately, and it can:

  • lower cholesterol
  • reduce blood clots’ risk
  • reduce the risk of chronic inflammation
  • increase blood 
  • lower high blood pressure
  • boost cognitive performance
  • provides essential minerals 
Beefits of eating chocolate

These conclusions refer to high cocoa content chocolate only—chocolate containing milk will not have the same outcome considering that milk interferes with polyphenols’ retention.

As a rule, whenever you learn about something beneficial concerning chocolate, we really need to look at cocoa. The health benefits of chocolate are virtually solely due to the polyphenols found in cocoa. Consequently, as the cocoa content of chocolate increases, so do its positive outcomes on health.

The question is whether the average dark chocolate bar really renders these fantastic benefits and how much you can eat daily.

According to researchers, 6.7 grams of dark chocolate per day outlines the ideal quantity for a protective effect against inflammation and cardiovascular illness.

Disadvantages of eating chocolate

Chocolate contains a good amount of stimulant, just like coffee, so overeating in a day is most definitely not recommended. Overconsumption would lead to intense headaches and fidgety movements. 

Due to its components and the stimulative effect on the brain, chocolate can become addictive as your body will crave this sensation.

Milk chocolate and other chocolate-based confectionery contain a high level of sugar, their daily consumption leading to weight gain and the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

Disadvantages of eating chocolate

Is it OK to eat chocolate when trying to lose weight?

Some people claim that chocolate helped them lose weight, so it’s no wonder that you ask yourself if eating chocolate daily will result in a fit body.

To lose weight, a change in diet and exercise is essential. Chocolate can be a part of a weight loss diet (Keto diet, for example) if eaten moderately. Twelve grams of milk chocolate ( a small square) contains about 65 calories. You can burn that walking a mile. 

Chocolate gives you a feeling of fullness almost instantly, unlike most other food, which needs approximately 15 minutes before you feel full. 

Losing weight whilst gaining muscular mass requires you to reduce the amount of sugar in your daily consumption. Check the sugar content in any type of chocolate and try as much as possible to choose the one sweetened with stevia or monk fruit. Remember to eat vegetables and homemade food, increase your activity level, and add cardio exercising to your daily schedule.

Chocolate and weight gain

Chocolate and weight gain

If you’re looking to gain weight, chocolate contains fats which are nutrients. You still need to avoid having a high amount of sugar intake. Thus, the best option is to consume dark chocolate and increase the quantity of your daily ‘dose’.

In conclusion

Keeping in mind that sugars and fats should not be eaten in excess, you could try to introduce consumption of a few squares of dark chocolate a day, see what effects this has on your body and mind and find the right amount for you.

Remember that the more bitter the chocolate is, the more healthy your sweet intake will be. Choose the most bitter regular chocolate you find and can manage to eat. 

In one of her books, Audrey Hepburn said that she ate a small piece of chocolate every afternoon, so: It’s good to eat chocolate every day!

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