KN95 face mask review

KN95 face mask review

The KN95 face mask is a protective mask with a high filtration efficiency. The number 95 refers to its capability to filter 95% of the contaminated air, fine particles and can stop the spread of viruses like flu, SARS, and Covid-19. The letters KN make reference to the standard regulation for protective masks in China which is pretty close to the rules found in Europe. In the USA however, these face masks are rarely found on the market.

KN95 vs N95

The only difference between these two is linked with the certification. The N95 face mask is the USA equivalent to the Chinese KN95 one. The same applies to the European certification for this type of protective mask, known as FFP2 type.

KN95 face mask

Who wears KN95 face masks

These high protection face masks are used by the employees in the medical facilities across the globe where they are in close contact with their patients. 

KN95 masks are suitable for vulnerable people and the elderly due to the thick layers that keep away small particles (PM 2.5).

Adults and young adults can also wear these medical face masks whenever they want to have a higher layer of protection against viruses. For example, during their commute from home to work and vice versa, according to the regulations in place in regards to traveling by public transport under the COVID menace.

kn95 face mask with valve

How to wear a KN95 mask

Due to the thickness of the protective layers, these face masks might become uncomfortable when used for long hours. It is advised to have short breaks from wearing the KN95 mask ( replace it with a lighter medical mask) whenever it is possible.

Face masks should be worn over the mouth and nose, fitted on the individual’s face. It’s important to try and test the mask for a period of time and check its tightness. A too-tight medical face mask, worn for long hours, can bruise the face, leave marks, and skin abrasions.

When using a protective face mask you should check that you don’t:

  • Use your hands to touch the mask or the facial skin before sanitizing your hands to avoid cross-contamination
  • Wear it under the chin or on top of your head. You risk spreading disease and endanger yourself and people you come in contact with.

A great deal of attention should be placed on the safe disposal of any single-use face covering or the washing after each use of each face cloth mask.

kn95 masks for sale

KN95 masks for sale

The KN95 medical face masks can be found in pharmacies and online from dedicated websites.

We looked at KN95 masks with valve for sale to test them over a full day in a working environment.

We found this mask to be easy to fit on the face, adjusting well on the nose bridge and remaining comfortable during the day. 

Attention should be given to a few small aspects such as facial hair that could compromise its efficiency in terms of filtration as it might not seal properly.

Although this is a disposable mask, its pricing is fair and it can be used to provide protection from multiple factors not just against viruses. For example, the KN95 mask can be used when working in a dusty environment (construction sites) or manufacturing sites that deal with liquids, vapors, gases, and small particles that travel through the air.

An important aspect to keep in mind is that the effectiveness of any protective facial mask depends on the way it is used, worn, and stored away. 

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