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PUR Minerals vs It Cosmetics

PUR Minerals vs It Cosmetics

New makeup brands are emerging every day, and choosing the best one for your needs may sometimes prove difficult.

When looking for a combination of a full-coverage makeup base with the best skin care products, PUR Minerals and It Cosmetics give you just that. These brands are committed to generating luxury beauty products with added extra care for healthy glowing skin.

If you have been following the natural makeup trends, you’ve definitely come across these two brands. Which one is better?

The battle surrounding this duo has formed a natural competition among buyers on what brand offers inclusive makeup for all skin types.

Here is a breakdown of the best mineral-based products.

Pur Makeup Line

Pur Cosmetics is a makeup company located in Atlanta Georgia United States. Founded in 2000, this cosmetic company is dedicated to providing its customers with the best mineral-infused products on the market.

They focus on integrating skincare products into their makeup to promote healthy skin. Their products are some of the top vegan-friendly and cruelty-free in the industry.

They have different retailer shops in 10 countries and want to venture more around the globe. Their diverse products are aiming at women from varied backgrounds, with different careers, and fashion styles; keeping with the trend and bringing the brand’s presence on social media platforms.

It Cosmetics

It Cosmetics was founded in 2008 in Greater New York, the United States, by Jamie Ker Lima, who was unable to sell her makeup ideas to major beauty brands and decided to venture into producing her own cosmetics.

The founder suffered from a condition that tinted her skin red and had a problem finding products that would best suit her skin condition. With this in mind, the products were developed to suit other people suffering with similar skin conditions.

The Company delivers a wide range of beauty items, from skincare to makeup products. Although, the majority of them are not vegan-friendly products, there is a range of vegan products offered for sale.

This multi-purpose product comes with an extensive shade range. Infused with skincare products, this groundbreaking foundation blended with concealer covers and contours blemishes instantly.

Unlike the “Bye Bye” foundation, this one covers both the need to use moisturizer and concealer Enhanced with Age-defying ingredients this product is designed for women of all ages and complexion.

If you are looking for full coverage, this 4-in -1 foundation has got you covered. The nourishing components provide effective results with less aggressive domino effects on the environment.

Blur the line between a foundation and moisturizer with the bye bye foundation. This Mineral-based foundation is a striking lightweight providing full coverage. The foundation is jam-packed with anti-aging ingredients to protect and invigorate aging skin.

The brand is targeting all skin types with its extensive shade range and supercharged skin-revitalizing ingredients to nourish aging complexions.

If you prefer a lighter base, the “Bye Bye” foundation is fitted with a tinted full coverage moisturizer. The foundation is aimed at camouflaging wrinkles without creasing and cracking. Loose-mineral products contain 7 important fermented ingredients to boost absorption efficiency.

The only downside is that this foundation comes in 12 different shades hence making it difficult for darker skin tones to find a version that suits their skin.

This anti-pollution palette brings out your inner artist. Unlike the ‘It Collection’ natural palette, this piece features 12 different outlines pigments.

You can wear this palette according to how you woke up feeling. The 12 shades include cozy hues, neutral and smokey pigments.

The main thing that makes it stand out from the rest is the anti-pollution ingredients infused in this palette that, while you look good, it doesn’t harm the environment.

Infused with anti-aging, this natural fresh-face dries down and won’t budge; all you need to do is set it and forget it. There are 14 different luxe matte shades to pearl eye shadow palette. Manufactured skilled plastic surgeon with hydrolyzed collagen infusion to blend and cover wrinkles lines and blend well on the eyelids.

With each universally flattering hues, each talc-free shade slithers with perfection across the eyelids. Their palette can also be used as a dry or wet shadow and mixed with other blends.  Also, their ingredients are skin-friendly and easy to remove at night.

Unlike other brands, the PUR Balancing Act Mattifying Skin Perfecting powder is designed to absorb oil and shine for long hours.

You can keep your face free of shine and minimize the appearance of the pores with this powder. Crafted with a blend of natural products like green tea and vitamin B, it is one of the healthiest makeup you will come across in a drug store.

The versatility of this formula blends well with all skin types, including dry skin. You can use this powder individually, but it will still give you a complete professional makeup look.

To prevent cracking, you can apply this powder over your foundation. The ingredients are safe for most skins; the set is fungal acne and silicone-free.

Another thing you will love about the product is its scent; the powder smells like chocolate across your face. Also, it is very sleek and not cakey.

This full powder foundation provides a full-coverage makeup base. This anti-aging powder foundation is enhanced with antioxidants for manifold skin types, including aging and dry skin type.

Paired with their mineral-based foundation, you can get good results and flawless coverage for a professional finish. This foundation is creamy and silky with medium coverage.

According to customer reviews, this product is skin-sensitive and can cause breakouts. Their foundation contains pore-clogging ingredients, the primary ingredient for breakouts.

The powder also accentuates dry patches and makes them more visible. The powder is also limited to two color shades; darker skin tones won’t have a chance with this one.

Unlike other brands, this 3 piece completion trio blush palette covers 3 ranges of highlights and tones.  This ideal complexion-perfector is micronized with an age-defying keratin complex to brighten and protect skin against anti-oxidant aging factors.

The ingredients infused in this blush are intended to complement your cheekbones for both flashy and natural looks.

You can use this trio set to brush lightly on the apples of your cheeks. Blend it down your cheekbones according to your preference to achieve a flashy look.

If you fancy a more radiant look, you can use a highlighter to outline your cheekbones’ high points.

This blush will flush color and radiance on your cheekbones and outline your bone structure.

Blushes from It cosmetics range from cream and powder and is suitable for every skin tone.

The blush is clinically proven as waterproof with 24hrs protection. The CC+ Radiance Ombre Blush will give you a natural but also outline the intended features.

The only downside of this blush is it comes in a limited color range hence can contrast with your skin. Either way, it is generally a good product worth splurging on.

This luminous bronzer is a beauty must-have. The radiant finish will leave your cheeks and temples feeling comfortable and healthy.

The best part about using this product is you do not have to worry about having make-up on to apply this piece.  You can dust this lightly on your face perimeter to attain that golden sun-kissed shimmer to your temple.

 To apply, it lightly on the outlines of your cheekbones and the high points of your face to attain that perfect look. Apply to the deep hollows of your cheek, nose, and under your chin.

The ingredients are also suitable for vegans because they are gluten, petroleum, and talc-free. They believe that makeup should be safe to ingest; hence they are dedicated to using natural products as much as possible.

This palette is the complete package; the talc-free matte bronzer is an anti-aging powerhouse.

Infused with natural products and a touch of technology by plastic surgeons, this product will give your skin that natural glow.

Hydrolyzed with collagen, it will help warm your complexion and at the same time restore your natural tint in addition to that, the appearance of lines and wrinkles is abridged.

This set features ultra-soft bristles that are not harsh to the skin. They are uniquely designed to give you an elegant finish. Unlike It Cosmetics, this brand offers a whole set of brushes for different makeup looks.

The set comes with 5 different brushes to give you a full makeup look, an all-over powder brush designed to set loose powder and foundation application.

The professional –quality eyeshadow brush will help blend shades of different matte tones. The other brushes include concealer, smudge, and a foundation brush.

Makeup brushes are the central constituent of any beauty routine. This brand offers a set of 4 pieces of full-size makeup brushes and a stunning pooch to help you carry them in style.

This customized collection includes a perfection brush, boutique blush brush, eye shadow brush, and a ball powder brush.

The downside is pretty obvious; they are limited to a few brushes that won’t give the full makeup look. This is certainly not the set you should go for if you are after a full makeup look.

The contouring stick is available in yellow, brown, and caramel tans. Unlike other brands, PUR Cameo Contour & Highlight Stick Tan gives you a natural, light-reflect enhancing skin texture for a perfect airbrush finish.

The natural ingredients hydrate and protect your skin against anti-oxidant aging factors. PUR keratin complex evens lines and wrinkles. The product is also gluten-free and safe on acne. If you are vegan, this product is definitely for you.

Using this product is quite easy; you can start by highlighting your temple’s center under the brow bone and work your way down to the cheekbones.

If you are looking for full-contour and add dimension to your natural features, contour around your sides on for nose and around your hairline. You can blend it with a brush or a makeup sponge.

This highlight stick gives you an instantaneous illumination with the right amount of glitters and shimmers, giving your complexion a radiant boost.

This highlighting stick is suffused with natural products and a cooling formula that can be healthy for your eyes. It also blends well with other makeup and can help create a range of looks. 

The downside of this contour stick is the restriction to few colors.

I would go with a “Pur” products for the highlight stick because their derivatives are more diverse with natural ingredients.


Due to the high demand for natural cosmetics, many makeup brands have ventured into natural products over the past 10 years. Both of these companies advertise plant-based healthy products that are safe to use for all skin types.

IT Cosmetics has been around for some time, and their products have improved over time. Some of their products may fail to meet diversity, but they are generally a good and affordable brand.

PÜR Cosmetics products are slowly venturing into natural eco-friendly and mineral oil-free makeup. The brand is among the most recommended in the industry for their effective and exceptional solutions to regular beauty problems. They feature products that improve the health of your skin and are safe for all skin types.

The two brands have mineral-based products grounded down to fine particles with no preservatives that may be harmful to the skin. Both brands are different, with diverse and authentic mineral makeup.

PÜR Minerals remains the best choice for its extensive product range that acknowledges its customers’ diversity.

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