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Remington Ilight Ultra vs Pro [Review]

Remington iLight Pro IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

A Lady’s Ritual

Practically all women everywhere practice some form of hair removal. This form of self-care and maintenance is just as important as the ritual of putting on makeup. Just Like putting on the morning’s make-up, hair removal should be a pleasant experience that is hassle-free.

Some women use razors at home while others go to a specialist that’s trained to do the job professionally. Remington Ilight is an at-home hair removal system that is easy and takes very little time from a woman’s busy day.

The sad truth is, using sharp razors can cause injury as well as causing hair to grow in darker and thicker with each use. Hair removal chemicals can also cause severe burns and injuries without reducing the amount of hair that returns. Going to a specialist can cost thousands of dollars and there’s no guarantee that the hair will be permanently removed.

True Remington

Remington’s hair removal makes the process easier and easier over time by decreasing hair growth peruse without sharp objects or dangerous chemicals.

There’s also no need to make an appointment with a professional because Remington’s job can be done right in the comfort of your own home.

With hair removal made so safe and easy, the biggest decision is which Remington Ilight is best? The Remington Ilight Pro or Ultra? The table below will help you with the comparison.

Remington Ilight Ultra
Remington Ilight Ultra

Remington Ilight Pro Vs. Ilight Ultra Chart

Remington Ilight ProRemington Ilight Ultra
FDA Cleared & Clinically ProvenFDA Cleared & Clinically Proven
Can Be Used At HomeCan Be Used At Home
94% Hair Reduction in 3 Treatments.94% Hair Reduction in 3 Treatments.
Pulse Light Technology 16 joules per flashPulse Light Technology 24 joules per flash
6,000 flashes (including replacement bulbs) Up to 12 full-body treatments.65,000 flashes Specifically designed for face and body.
Safe, Gentle, and Fast Hair Removal.Safe, Gentle and Fast Hair Removal.
Skin Contact SensorSkin Contact Sensor
5 Energy Levels5 Energy Levels

Considering the head to head comparison of the Remington Ilight Pro and the Remington Ilight Ultra, there is no doubt that either of these products would be the perfect additive to any woman’s personal beauty ritual.

The safe and effective hair removal that only needs to be done once a week over the course of a single month to equal out to three treatments.

It is apparent that the Remington Ilight Ultra has more flashes and a higher amount of joules per flash than the Ilight Pro version. The Ilight Pro is also about $200 cheaper than the Ilight Ultra.

Both of the Remington Ilight products are corded so the user does not need to be concerned about recharging a battery before use or that the battery will die mid-treatment. These IPL Hair Removal Systems also come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

Check the price and availability on Amazon for the best alternative for Remington Ilight.

Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face Body At-Home IPL Hair Removal System
Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face Body At-Home IPL Hair Removal System

Remington hair removal machine – Overall Quality

In light of the specs and pricing of both the Remington Ilight Pro and the Remington Ilight Ultra, both are high-quality items that will do the job they are designed to do with a minimal amount of hassle.

Even the design of each of these products are made for easy grasping and controlling so that the experience can be as smooth and easy as the results the product leaves behind.

In truth, no one would ever purchase an item to use on their body that is difficult to operate, causes unnecessary pain, or is dangerous in any way.

Both the Remington Ilight Pro and Ultra have built-in Skin Contact Sensors as well as Skin Tone Sensors that keep the light focused only on the area being treated. The focused energy makes these products safe to use on the entire body; including the legs, armpits, bikini area, and face.

Both of these Remington Ilights are cleared by the FDA as well as Clinically proven to reduce the amount of hair regrowth with every treatment.

Although the results vary for each person, the overall reduction of hair regrowth is averaged at about 94% fewer hairs with just three treatments. Over the course of a year, the overall hair reduction is averaged at about 66% fewer hairs.

That’s roughly 95% of hair removed in nearly twelve months. These numbers mean that the time-consuming task of removing hair will gradually take less time until the hair is permanently reduced.

All of the above information makes either the Remington Ilight Pro or the Remington Ilight Ultra a great investment that is well worth the price for anyone who wants to achieve long term results from their personal hair removal process.

How to use Remington i-Light

Doctor Appointment Vs. Remington Ilight

While there is also a choice of whether or not hair removal should be done by a professional, there are many factors to consider. First things first, there is no guarantee that anyone can get an appointment during the time they need it most.

The amount of hair removed when done by appointment also varies by person and has to be repeated over time for the best overall results.

With each appointment averaging at just under $300 per session, having hair removed in-office can be quite pricey since it would take several appointments to achieve the desired results. The price of hair removal by appointment also varies by the size of the area being treated on the body.

With these numbers in mind, appointment hair removal can get quite expensive as well as being time consuming if the person has to wait in the waiting room before getting in to see the specialist.

With either the Remington Ilight Pro or the Remington Ilight Ultra, the price is as simple as a one time purchase of the best Ilight product to fit the user’s budget.

The product can be used at home on the user’s own time rather than a doctor’s busy schedule. Needless to say, at-home hair removal makes much more sense and is a lighter impact on the wallet.

The Rational Analysis

The decision about the best product(s) to use for hair removal or overall hair reduction should be as painless and hassle-free as the removal process itself.

No one should ever have to wonder if the product they chose is safe, efficient, and worth the money spent on it. To be quite honest, razors are not a permanent solution to hair growth and neither are the harsh chemicals that melt hair away.

Razors can, and typically do, leave behind microscopic cuts and abrasions. Smelly chemicals can cause serious burns and irritation to skin as well as the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Making an appointment for laser hair removal that should be done once a week or every other week for a month can get extremely expensive, especially when considering the follow-up appointments through the rest of the year.

Hair removal by appointment can run through a lot of money as well as cutting the time a little too close with the average person’s busy lifestyle.

Remington iLight Pro IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

Choosing Remington’s Ilight Pro or Ilight Ultra gives the user the peace of mind that comes with knowing that all they have to do is spend a few minutes doing what they need to do to achieve the results they want.

How to use Remington i-Light Pro+ Face & Body IPL at home

At-home hair removal is a chemical-free, blade-free treatment that leaves the treated area unscathed and smooth to the touch.

When you decide that you need a hair removal device (an electric razor or any other “tools” like a blow dryer, hair straightener or curling iron for fine hair) read some reviews like these found on womenoly.com

Remington Ilight Ultra does have a lot more flashes than the Remington Ilight Pro as well as higher joules per flash and the Ultra is $200 more. However, the price is only paid once rather than every time hair removal is needed.

Most women already have a weekly personal maintenance routine that includes touching up their nails and hair. Adding Remington’s Ilight Pro or Ilight Ultra hair removal process to this routine can add to the pleasure that comes from the time spent doing some personal pampering without injury to the body or the wallet.

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