Why Scentful is the best UK alternative to Scentbird in 2023

Scentful alternative to Scentbird

Mariya Nurislamova founded Scentbird in 2013. Since then, a lot of raving customers flocked to the new, online start-up. After all, the site promises a series of discounts for your monthly purchases of high-quality, branded scents. But is this company still relevant in 2023? Actually, I found Scentful to be a better Scentbird alternative. And here is why.

Scentbird made countless European customers quite envious of their perfume subscription service. But luckily, UK customers can now receive a surprise perfume box with not one but two fragrances with Scentful!

Loving a surprise perfume subscription box

Being a frag head has its perks. For one thing, you get to know different smells and notes. I mean that you start developing a keen sense of smell. Plus, you begin to notice that the perfumer behind the scent is often more relevant than the brand itself.

Scentbird gained a market advantage by leveraging a network of authorized perfume resellers and manufacturers. Then, by providing a simple, portable atomizer, they got their product. This business model is smart. But they only dispatch within the US, and people living in the UK never had a chance to sign up. Scentful, however, offers a perfume subscription service to customers in the UK.

When using Scentful, you still get to choose a subscription plan. Moreover, you find the same high-end, authentic brands you expect to see in your American counterpart. But this Scentbird alternative sends you surprise perfumes for that particular month. Plus, these fragrances range among so many brands that you’re likely to discover something new and exciting!

Perfume sample

The figures do not lie: Ten is better than Eight

Even though I run the risk of looking stingy, I must say that Scentful is more convenient than Scentbird. For one thing, Scentful will send you two vials. Each one contains 5 ml of perfume. Instead, overseas customers get only 8 ml per month. So, it stands to reason that ten milliliters are a better deal than eight. I mean, for the same price.

The figures not only suggest Scentful because of the more competitive price. You must also consider that ten milliliters last for 160 sprays. Mariya’s site itself informs you that eight milliliters hold roughly 140 puffs. So, you can enjoy your fragrances for longer with Scentful. And the scents will actually be enough for you to wait for the next subscription box without counting the number of applications!

The American subscription service sends out just one scent per month. So, that is a total of twelve fragrances per year. By comparison, with the same subscription plan, Scentful gets you twenty-four perfumes!

What is more, I found hidden gems that I would never have picked myself out of sheer stubbornness. Hence, you even have twice the possibility of finding your perfect signature scent for the next decade or so! to stay positive in these gloomy days. So, chances are they are going to get bigger in no time as well.

Scentful offers better, friendly parcel gifts than Scentbird

If you cannot decide what to do for Christmas or any other occasion, Scentful has got you covered. When you send gifts, you can leave your notes in a dedicated text box before placing your order. The staff will take care of everything and will send a nice parcel gift to the recipient. Unlike courier packages, there is no need to be present at home. The postman will slip the envelope right into his or her letterbox.

The design of the Scentful box is neat and refined. Just like the top designer scents inside the vials, the staff sends a classy black pack. Inside, the recipient can find the message you wrote in the notes before the order, handwritten on a tailor-made cardboard or post-it note. The pack is just like a jewelry box, with a lovely booklet about the fragrances and the vials.

It is then up to whoever gets the vials to read the booklet to find out more about the fragrances. But that just adds to the surprise itself, and I find it to be a great move on their part. Another surprise awaits them on the last page as well. Of course, each vial has a sticker with the name of the fragrance on it.

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Perfume spray

Why Scentful is the best UK alternative to Scentbird

Scentful is more than a Scentbird alternative. In fact, Scentful’s atomizers are unexpectedly good for 5 ml vials, and they deliver a nice cloud. So, you do not have to spray the perfume too close to the skin. You can keep using each vial like you would use your regular perfume bottle.

You can definitely smell the top-quality fragrances and put them to the test in your local perfumery shop. Then again, these perfumes are genuine Tom Ford, Thierry Mugler, and D&G blends. So many brands! You can try two original scents or flankers each month and grow your collection. 

Customer service is at your disposal. Above all, they are friendly and easy to talk to. And they sometimes release discount codes on their social media channel. So, subscribe to their Facebook and Instagram pages for more deals!

Lastly, you have time on your side. You can try Scentful’s surprise perfume subscription today or treat a friend or a loved one at the best price. Your timing would be perfect for you to indulge in a fragrant adventure!

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