Semi-permanent lashes at home

Semi-permanent lashes at home

When mascara fails to have the desired effect of enhancing the wearer’s eyes, eyelash extensions are the best option on the market today. Moreover, these are suitable for all eye shapes, skin types, and ages.

Benefits of choosing eyelashes extensions

It is widely known that with aging, eyelashes tend to become discolored and take longer to regenerate, leaving the eyelid appearing faded. Mature ladies over 50s could improve their eye appearance by merely adding these semi-permanent lashes over their own eyelashes.

The semi-permanent lashes offer proper coverage, blending in with the real eyelashes for a natural aspect. Once glued in, a favorite mascara can be added on top to finish off the makeup session for the day.

These lashes are made from lightweight materials, suitable for sensitive eyes. Comfortable to wear day to night, they won’t irritate the eyelid and are easy to maintain for a more extended period, up to eight weeks.

What is fabulous about these extensions is that they mimic the natural lashes and fall by themselves after week six. They can be removed at any time by using a specially designed-solution.

Semi-permanent lashes can be applied either by a beautician in a salon or at home if choosing to buy an eyelash starter kit.

eyelashes extensions

Cost of lash extensions

The pricing for these beauty enhancers varies from salon to salon, depending on the brands and materials used, the beauticians’ skills, location, and customer needs. 

As an example, in the UK, the prices start from £40 up to £100 per session, while in salons across different states in the USA, they can jump as high as 100$ for the less expensive choice.

When opting for the at-home alternative, the best choice is a starter kit for a beginner and upgrading in time for more elaborate varieties. As with the salon option pricing, the same price differentiating factors will decide the total cost for a kit: over £40 / 50$.

A starter kit will contain:

  • user instructions
  • makeup remover for lashes
  • a primer to facilitate the application
  • the solution for removing the extensions
  • a pack with mixed-sized eyelashes
  • application tools
different styles of lash extensions

What are the different styles of lash extensions?

Depending on the material used to produce these extensions are made from, there are three styles:

  • synthetic materials (the cheapest option)
  • mink (fur bristles from the mink’s coat)
  • synthetic mink (vegan and cruelty-free)
  • silk (softest option)

The lashes come in different sizes in length and thickness (the thicker, the stronger the effect). 

Letters on the package or samples shown refer to how these extensions are curled. For an electrifying impression, the best choice is one of the r letters C and D.

In terms of their styles, lashes are classed as:

  • Classic – for a natural look 
  • Doll – optically enlarges the eye
  • Hybrid – glamorous choice between the traditional and the most dramatic style
  • Russian – the most spectacular choice

All of these options are available to buy from beauty salons, beauty shops, department stores, or malls. Online they can be found on specialized websites.

Applying semi-permanent eyelashes at home is a great option that will save time and money. All that’s needed is a bit of comparison between different products on sale, watching tutorials to learn more about the whole process, and lots of patience.

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