Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Technology

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Around 34% of women who get skin rejuvenation are between the ages of thirty to thirty-five. Our skin is one of the largest organs in the body. It requires constant regeneration to maintain a youthful appearance as it is prone to damage by environmental factors, sunlight, and lack of maintenance.

Skin rejuvenation involves using treatments, moisturizers, procedures, and products to restore the skin to its elasticity and make it look better. 

SharpLight offers various med-aesthetic technologies in facial skin treatments that seek to fight anti-aging and ensure the skin retains its firmness. With three major technologies, the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Radio Frequency (RF), and Infrared technologies (IR), these technologies have proven to treat pigmented lesions that are stubborn to treat using other technologies. These treatments can be combined or used as stand-alone processes.

The Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC) technology ensures the practitioner controls the treatment parameters in all the critical stages. This treatment provides three in one pulse configurations in one system, one of the first to do so.

Skin rejuvenation consists of different facets of skin technology:

  • Skin tightening

This results in tight and firm looking skin by applying SharpLight’s three treatment technologies. Skin tightening is done by first removing the damaged exterior skin cells and fibers to pave the way to produce new healthy collagen fibers. This process is done gradually, and the new collagen provides tautness to the skin, which is maintained for some years.

  • Anti-aging

SharpLight’s treatment sessions reduce fine lines, age spots, sunburns, rhytids, and dull-looking skin. After a few specialized treatment sessions catered to consider individual skin type, the damaged collagen fibers are replaced by new fibers under the skin’s surface. With the help of low energy equipment and short pulse light, pigmented lesions and imperfections of the skin are gradually replaced, presented younger and clearer skin.

  • Wrinkle reduction

As the wrinkles’ hallmark begins with aging, SharpLight’s technologies induce necrosis into the skin, which prompts the damaged skin cells to grow new collagen fibers. These fibers smooth out wrinkles in the skin. This technology is safe and reliable in giving out the best optimum results.

  • Acne treatment

Acne can be an insistent skin problem, which prompts numerous visits to the dermatologist. However, SharpLight’s skin solution technology provides drug-free remedies to combat acne issues and completely clear the skin. By facilitating the absorption of blue light into the skin, which produces free radicals to destroy the acne lesions’ bacteria, the root cause of acne is halted. Yellow light is then exposed to the skin to coagulate the blood vessels, and infrared light to dry out the lesions. This treatment process is painless and helps in rejuvenating and acne-free skin.

  • Fractional Resurfacing

This skin treatment aims to restore the original shine and smoothness of the skin. With SharpLight’s Er: YAG laser, the skin undergoes a micro epidermal peel where the dull and damaged skin is removed. This exposes the fresh skin with a radiant glow. The Er: YAG laser specializes in in-depth intensive treatment depending on the client’s needs and requests. Therefore, each session is dependent on the client’s prerogative. With rapid healing and minimal treatment sessions, fractional resurfacing is the best in skin rejuvenation. This treatment is not only done on the face but the rest of the body as well.

Why skin rejuvenation?

As highlighted above, the process of skin rejuvenation consists of unique technologies by SharpLight. Therefore, clients can be sure to enjoy:

  • Change in skin appearance and aesthetics by improving skin texture, firmness, and smoothness. This aims to change individual self-perception and improve body image.
  • Cleanse the skin by removing all the dirt from the surface skin. A good skin routine after rejuvenation will work wonders for your new image.
  • High success in the skin rejuvenation process as thousands of clients have tried and tested these treatment processes and recorded exceptional results.
  • An improved social life. With flawless and clear skin, clients can get the confidence to mingle and interact with others with no limits.
  • Non-invasive and painless procedures. Despite the treatments seeking maximum results, the systems are non-invasive and safe to the skin’s collagen. 
  • Minimal treatment time and fast healing time. The number of sessions clients take in these treatments are usually a few, with most requiring a single session a month. This proves the efficiency of the treatment techniques and encourages client participation. The healing time is also faster as compared to other treatment procedures.
  • FDA approved treatments. All treatments are FDA approved; however, the Radio Frequency (RF) procedure is pending clearance. 
  • Trained and experienced professionals who are conversant with dermatological procedures to ensure maximum benefits.

Clients can also help cement their rejuvenation results further by eating the right foods to ensure the treatments last longer. Foods high in antioxidants and Omega 3 promote younger-looking skin. For instance, blueberries, raspberries, and pomegranates are a few antioxidants that encourage healthy skin.

SharpLight’s technicians are experienced by ensuring responsible use of the treatment machines to achieve the best results. By observing the wavelength of laser beams to the targeted tissue, choosing and maintaining the number of pulses per treatment, clients are assured of uniformed skin treatment. 

In addition to the above treatments, SharpLight offers skin rejuvenation accessories. For instance, the SR 580 facial skin rejuvenation DPC handpiece is used in around eight sessions spaced four weeks apart. The VP 535 and VP dual Vascular and pigmented lesions handpiece eliminates a wide range of skin lesions. For acne, the DPC AC 420 acne handpiece treats mild to moderate inflammatory acne.

Clients can access SharpLight’s unique treatment systems at SharpLight.com and prepare for a one on one session towards skin rejuvenation. With a positive and realistic outlook on life and a persistent urge to fix damaged skin, clients can dream of flawless skin and achieve it with SharpLight technologies.

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