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Slavic human hair – 4 important things to know

Slavic human hair extensions samples

Slavic (Russian) human hair is a fantastic choice for those who are looking for high-quality, durable and long-lasting extensions. If looking for various hairstyles and colors, nothing compares to human hair. The most useful part is that it can be dyed, straightened and curled as desired and will look like your own natural tresses.

The Slavic human hair extensions can last for years if properly cared for, making this investment an excellent value for the money paid.

What is Slavic human hair?

Slavic human hair is a type of hair sourced by companies specializing in selling hair extensions and wigs from individuals born in Slavic countries like Russia. 

This type of hair is known for its high quality and durability, making it a popular choice for those who are looking for extensions. Once sourced and collected, the hair is then exported worldwide, and thus buyers will be able to find it in specialized shops in Australia, Canada, the USA, etc.

This silky variety of hair is now ending up on lots of hair websites in Australia. If you purchase from a company that specializes in only one kind of product, you will usually get better service and support as well as leading quality products. Check if they source human hair that has never been dyed or exposed to chemical treatments.

Is there a difference between Russian and European hair?

There are many different types of human hair available on the market, each with its own unique benefits and shortcomings. 

Slavic (Russian) human hair is quite similar to European human hair in terms of quality and texture. The main difference is that Slavic hair is sourced from individuals in Slavic countries, while European hair is sourced from individuals in other parts of the world.

Benefits of choosing Slavic human hair extensions 

The most noticeable one is the ability to change a person’s look on a whim, style them in any way desired and can be worn by an individual for years with proper care. 

It can be curled using hot tools such as curling irons or straightened with flat irons, dyed in a specific color. Once dyed, the change will be permanent, and if a different shade is wanted, hair extension specialists recommend buying extra hair extensions to suit the desired style.

Slavic hair is soft to the touch and doesn’t tangle easily. Moreover, some companies that sell hair extension products use keratin to bond the human hair extensions offering a more extended period of wearing during the day. Keratin bonding is safer than other methods and suitable for sensitive scalp.

How to care for Slavic human hair extensions

  • Brush the extensions regularly with a gentle motion to remove any tangles, knots, hair products and dust.
  • Rinse the hair once or twice a week, and remember to moisturize it.
  • To evade the overuse of chemicals and silicons, a good idea is to use natural coconut, argan or almond oil.
  • Limit using heavy products such as gels, hairsprays or mousses on the hair extensions.
  • Treat hairstyling with curlers and flat irons with caution, avoiding overuse – just like with your own natural hair.
  • Try to refrain from swimming in pools and hot tubs with your extensions to prevent them from becoming damaged and tangled.
Slavic human hair extensions in use

Most major shopping sites feature Slavic human hair extensions mostly from Russia, Poland, Belarus and other countries in that region. The variations of hair types sold include curly or wavy hair which can then be treated to meet the buyer’s desired style.

The cost of extensions will depend on how much hair is purchased. Slavic human hair extensions are becoming more popular as people see the high quality and long-lasting effects that they offer.

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