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Sugaring hair removal disadvantages

Sugaring hair removal disadvantages

Removing unwanted hair from the body through the sugaring method has plenty of adepts. It is known as a very natural hair removal natural with less secondary effects than the other methods. Most people affirm that it is also less painful than using wax (that is the most similar method to sugaring).

Here are some of the sugaring hair removal disadvantages:

  • Less effective on shorter hairs that are easier to remove by shaving and even waxing

Sugaring hair removal is only efficient when your hair is ¼’’ inch / 6 mm long. Otherwise, the paste will not be able to pluck it.

  • Painful comparing to other methods

Once the paste was put on the skin, the hair will be removed by pulling the sugar stripe away from the area covered. The hairs are pulled off from their roots, making this process uncomfortable and painful.

  • Costly if done by an expert in a beauty salon

The price can go up to 100$ for a full leg sugaring in a specialist salon. The cost includes the prep time before the hair removal process, the products used after and the beautician’s pay, of course.

  • Hard to find beauty salons that offer sugaring services

Although an ancient method of hair removal, sugaring found its way back on trend in recent years. Beauty practitioners have used for a long time waxing as the main method for this. Not many of them have had the opportunity to train in using sugaring.

  • Messy when done at home 

The paste is extremely sticky and you can end up with sugar everywhere.

  • Not all products on the market work the best

What works for some people, might not work for you. It could take some time to find the most suitable brand. It can become costly over time.

  • Takes a while to master your sugar paste recipe

The homemade sugar paste needs simple ingredients and not lots of steps however, getting the right balance in terms of texture can be quite tricky and it can take a while to get it right.

  • Hard to do it by yourself 

Just like waxing, sugar coating your skin, pulling the stripes in the right direction from most inconvenient areas, is difficult to do it on your own. You might end up with untreated patches.

  • The skin can develop a rash (if pulling incorrectly)

The area that you treat needs to be prepared in advance with exfoliators. You need to learn and master the best technique to pull the sugar paste stripe without causing skin damage.

  • Smooth hairless skin lasts for only 2 weeks

The result is smooth but this will not last forever. In only two weeks, the hair will grow back, faster than when using wax or an IPL treatment.

It is said that in time the hairs will take longer to regrow. This will differ from one person to another and on how long are you going to use this as your only method for hair removal.

  • Not great for people with sensitive skin 

Irritation may occur because of the process not due to the sugar paste.

According to beauty specialists and their customers, there are more benefits than detriments to using sugaring as your preferred hair removal method so why not giving it a try and see for yourself?

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