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The Best Biotin with Keratin Supplement for Hair

Healthy hair after taking supplements

Starting a new supplement routine for your hair can be, without a doubt, a daunting and nerve-wracking prospect. One of the many questions to be answered revolves around getting the best ingredients to support your new endeavor. In cases such as these, most people find themselves at a loss over what product to go for, considering that the internet is awash with all manner of concoctions.

Nonetheless, Wellabs Biotin with Keratin represents a new dawn in the hair nourishment niche. Belt up, we are about to dissect what exactly makes this revolutionary hair supplement a class of its own.

What is Wellabs Biotin with Collagen and Keratin?

Formulated with the intention of giving you better nails, skins, and hair, Wellabs Biotin with Keratin boasts of packing only 100% natural ingredients according to the proprietary blend from which the pills are formulated. But how do the three micronutrients work together? And, most importantly, are there any benefits of keratin supplements that a casual shopper should be aware of? Let’s see.

For starters, there’s a reason the developer behind these capsules incorporated collagen, keratin, and biotin in the same matrix. Not only are they stable and pretty much safe to take together but they are also not likely to have counterproductive/harmful interactions and neither would they lessen each other’s potency or impact. In other words, you are looking at hair-friendly ingredients complimenting each other and fitting together like a glove.

Secondly, biotin and keratin are known to work together towards a common objective of giving you better-looking tresses as they are synergistically more bioavailable and effective when paired. All in all, if there ever was a match made in heaven for your hair, then this is it.

Exploring Some of the Benefits of this Biotin, Keratin, Collagen Supplement

Truth be told, taking Wellabs Biotin with Keratin just goes beyond being another ritual for glowing skin and strong hair. Here’s why;

1. Made to Reinforce Keratin

Here’s the thing; keratin is essentially a protective protein that is found in skin, hair, and nails. It’s actually a structural building block that makes up about 90% of your hair. In other words, your hair is almost entirely keratin. And that means that you need a regular source of reinforcing it if you dream of having long, flowing, and lustrous-looking tresses. Here’s where Wellabs Biotin with Keratin comes into play.

2. Keratin Protects and Shields Your Hair From External Environmental Damage

Supplementation with keratin does more than simply improve your chances of sporting gorgeous-looking hair – it also protects your hair. You see, each of your hair strands is composed of several fibers packed tightly together in a special structure known as the cortex. And protecting this cortex is a film called a cuticle that also doubles up as the outermost layer of each individual strand. Now, there are two main sub-types of keratin-based proteins that are present in each of these parts:

  • Alpha keratin – Found mostly in the cortex of your hair, you can also find traces of it in the nails and skin.
  • Beta-keratin – Found nestled in the hair cuticle

Together, these two distinct types of keratin usually come together to give your hair ample structural reinforcement to resist breakage or shriveling. The keratin is also key to preventing damage from external extremities such as heat styling, sunlight, coloring, aging, perms, aging, or even rough brushing/combing.

3. Biotin Stimulates the Production of Keratin

Also known as vitamin B7, biotin plays a central role in the production and synthesis of keratin in your body. Which, of course, underlines an upside of integrating this supplement into your hair care routine especially if you are a risk of suffering from a biotin deficiency.

Remember that, unlike collagen, the body does not have collagen stores. Essentially, it implies that every single ounce of biotin needed to spur the production of keratin (and ultimately promote the growth of your hair follicles) has to be extracted from your diet or supplements. And bearing in mind that most people rarely eat foods that are rich in biotin consistently, the need for supplementation cannot be over-emphasized enough.

In Summary – Pros and Cons of Wellabs Biotin with Keratin for Hair


  • Infused with keratin that is formulated to promote a luscious rate of hair growth
  • Enriched with biotin that supports the seamless production of keratin
  • Available in a range of flexible price brackets depending on your budget, hair care plan or grooming regimen.
  • It contains bonus collagen that is key in replenishing moisture within your hair strands
  • 100% natural ingredients and vegan-friendly


  • It consists of large capsules that may not be so easy to swallow for some people
  • A bit pricier than other similar products in the market

The Overview

Wellabs biotin with keratin is a representation of how far we have come in the quest of getting and keeping our tresses in the best health possible for as long as time allows. And the fact the supplement only utilizes 100% natural and vegan-friendly ingredients is a solid testament to that.

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