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Everything About the Thermage Skincare Treatment

Thermage Skincare Treatment

Thermage is a unique type of facial treatment that tightens the skin with a visible lifting effect. It’s the closest method to achieve proper plastic surgery results without pain, needless, laser or skin incisions.

Thermage facelift and more

This skincare procedure uses radiofrequency that penetrates the skin deeply to the collagen layers heating them. The heat makes the skin to contract and look tighter instantly. A newly generated collagen will substitute the old collagen deposit, and the rejuvenating effect will be noticeable for a more extended period – up to six months of continuous collagen regeneration.

When people think about smoothing and rejuvenating procedures, facelifting is the one that immediately springs to mind. Thermage is used for facelifts primarily. Here we can also include:

  • The eye area- reducing the appearance of deep wrinkles and lifting the eyelids as this method targets sagging skin primarily.
  • A smoother area around the mouth.
  • Jawline – recontoured and less visible drooping chin.

This innovative treatment can be applied to different parts of the body:

  • The tummy area is better formed, reducing the impression of sagging skin, especially after pregnancy or sudden weight loss.
  • Legs – the appearance of aging skin around the knee area is visibly improved.

How long do the results of Thermage last?

The collagen-boosting effect resulting from heat during Thermage has the unique ability to work and improve daily over a long time. Depending on the age of the treated person, the effects can last up to six months. There are plenty of confirmed cases that state a much longer duration up to over twelve months.

Can Thermage treatment damage the skin?

Thermage involves heat, so it’s natural to be wary of any skin damage due to this method. This is precisely why the machine’s technology works by producing a cooling effect on the epidermis’s surface.

As with every procedure, there are risks linked with this treatment as well. You should only book your skin treatment with a professional clinic where trained practitioners perform Thermage. Before starting Thermage, you will be booked for a consultation to assess your suitability for the treatment.

Most people don’t notice any side effects after the procedure. In some cases, redness and swollen areas could appear. These effects are known to last for less than 24 hours.

Thermage Treatment Effects

Where to get Thermage treatment

Cosmetic surgery clinics offer this non-surgical skin treatment. You can seek local information by enquiring your beautician or GP about places that provide Thermage Treatment in your area.

The easiest way to gather information about providers is by using your internet search tool. You will then see a list of clinics closer to your area and compare reviews and costs.

Sometimes going further for your Thermage skincare procedure will save you a fair amount of money and The Aivee Clinic might be one of these places.

Search for information about treatment providers without being afraid to ask questions about results, successful and unsuccessful stories. 

Thermage treatment – how much does it cost?

Pricing varies from one location to another due to the obvious reasons of the machine’s costs, its maintenance, the money spent on training the personnel etc. 

The costs also depend on the area that needs to be treated (a smaller or broader body surface). The consultant will discuss the treatment price with you at your first consultation.

In the USA, prices start from approximately 1000$, 30-40$ for the introductory discussion. In the UK, they can begin from £1500, with the initial consultation being around £25.

Thermage, however, is worth the money! The vast majority will see the effects from the first session, and these will continue to improve over the next few months. The uniqueness of such rapid results makes this procedure less costly than any other type of non-surgical skin approach.

Alternatives to Thermage 

Before looking at alternatives to this procedure, it’s worth mentioning that professional skin tightening machines are on offer on the beauty market today.

People now have the opportunity to use these skin tightening devices to apply the Thermage treatment at home. The prices start from £2500/ 3000$. Add to this the costs of maintaining the apparatus in working order and learning how to use the device safely on the skin.

Other non-invasive procedures that you could consider are:

  • Laser therapy – non-surgical reshaping method
  • Cryolipolysis – the low temperature dissolves the fat by transforming it into liquid that will be eliminated through lymphatic drainage.
  • Microcurrent facial therapy.
  • Ultrasound energy to tighten the skin.

In some cases, a non-surgical procedure might not show the desired results as the sagging effect is too noticeable. In these instances, a plastic surgeon might recommend a different treatment that might prove the best choice in terms of the results, duration, and even pricing.

Always ask an expert before choosing any type of skin procedures.

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