Does vacuum therapy for buttocks work?

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Since the beginning of time, people were obsessed with their bodies and how others perceive them. Exercising, dieting, massaging, using natural herbal supplements, or other traditional methods were the ways people tried to achieve a well-proportioned face and body.

Cosmetic surgery changed the way people reached their desired body shape, and numerous beauty-enhancing procedures are well known around the world:

  • Nose reshaping
  • Face and neck sculpting
  • Body resculpting (breasts, abdomen, hips, tights, buttocks)

With the technological advances in the beauty area, nonsurgical face and body methods emerged:

  • Lips can be resized and modified with injections.
  • Breasts lifted through vacuum therapy.
  • Hips, tights are remodeled (thinner or thicker)
  • Buttocks lifted and reshaped

Nonsurgical bum lift

Many people opt in to reshape their buttocks through vacuum butt therapy. This relatively new method is suitable for anyone that wants to see a fast result at a lower price than traditional surgery.

This method lifts and smoothes the buttocks as well as making the area look firmer. It is also treating cellulite by melting the fat and shifting some of it onto the regions that need a better contour. The lymphatic system in the body will then use the melted fat where it’s needed.

Does vacuum therapy for buttocks work?

This reshaping and bum lifting method does work. However, the results will differ from person to person, depending on their body size, type, age, and cosmetic needs.

For best results, this procedure should be performed by a medical practitioner in a cosmetic clinic. Look for beauty clinics in your area, like vacuum butt therapy in Nyc, and check their testimonials, treatment, prices, and reviews from other people who used their services.

What are the results of butt vacuum therapy?

Depending on what each person wants to achieve, after the session, the visible results can be:

  • A change in size – bum looks bigger
  • Shape change – rounder butt area
  • Up to 70% visible lift of the sagged buttocks
  • Firmer and smoother looking skin
  • A younger-looking figure for mature ladies

How long does vacuum butt therapy last?

The results will be visible from the first session, and the shape will keep its form for up to three years. More sessions might be recommended, depending on how elastic your skin is. The duration of this treatment will be discussed with the medical practitioner during your first appointment.

To help your new buttocks shape last longer is recommended to have a well-balanced diet and a more active lifestyle.

Alternatives to bum vacuum therapy

Other nonsurgical methods promise a firmer shapelier butt look. Making the best choice for yourself, spending a bit of time researching and comparing different procedures, is a great idea.

Butt lifting non-surgical procedures:

  • Ultrasound waves  – results visible in a few days
  • Fat freeze treatment – can take a few weeks to see its results
  • Massage therapy
  • LED treatment

Having researched these alternatives, looking at side effects, length of treatment, recovery time, how long the results last, and their prices, you will decide which one is the most compatible with what you want to achieve.

If vacuum butt therapy sounds like the winner to you, don’t hesitate to contact a beauty clinic near you and discuss the procedure in detail.

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