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What is Antioxidant Infusion: Essential Things to Know about BAI drinks

antioxidant infusion

If you have been wondering about what is an antioxidant infusion, you probably had a bit of research online or in shops and there is a good chance that you have stumbled across a brand known as BAI.

A short form of Bai Antioxidant Infusion, the brand is famous for its extensive line of healthy energy drinks.

On the market, there are infused drinks that come pre-filled with a staggering amount of sugar, caffeine, and calories. However, just because an energy drink contains less amount of sugar doesn’t actually turn it into a healthy beverage. This makes your choice a bit difficult if you want to drink something healthy and flavored.  

BAI drinks are said to be designed for the health-conscious people. Thus, their beverages are low in added sugar and have a minimal amount of calories.

There are many drinks available in the market that are low in sugar just as BAI drinks, so why should you choose this brand?

What is Antioxidant Infusion Drink: The BAI Brands

Soft drinks or sodas have become part and parcel of everyone’s life in the past few decades. You can see them in the hotels, restaurants and fast-food chains as no meal is complete without your favorite soda.

In fact, many people prefer to consume soda instead of water most of the time.

Keeping this thing in mind, as mentioned above, BAI came up with a health-conscious energy drink back in 2009. This  USA-based company offers energy beverages in a number of different flavors including Brasilia Blueberry, Malawi Mango, and Panama Peach.

Apart from their infusion drinks, BAI offers:

Antioxidant Water with electrolytes and well-balanced pH and Cocofusion

Bai - Antioxidant Cocofusion bottle

Bubbles  fizzy refreshing drink


Many people became familiar with BAI brands after the company signed a contract with a famous personality known as Justin Timberlake.

When it comes to the antioxidant infusion drinks from BAI, they come packed in a bottle of 16 ounces. Some drinks also come in 18-ounce bottles, and according to the manufacturer, it is recommended to consume this bottle in two servings.

However, not many people would want to save half a bottle for later use, and that is exactly the reason why we have included the nutrition facts of one full bottle of BAI.

  • Proprietary Natural Fruit Flavors

Each bottle of BAI has an enhanced and delicious flavor because of the fact that the flavoring has been made with a combination of essences, extracts, and oils that came from carefully grown fruit.

Each fruit used has undergone a process that is exclusive to BAI. Likewise, since the manufacturer is committed to producing a drink that has an all-natural profile, they made sure that no gluten, soy, artificial preservatives and colors, and GMOs are present.

  • Sugar, Caffeine, and Calorie Levels

Each eight-ounce serving of BAI contains at most one gram of sugar. On the other hand, 70 milligrams of caffeine is contained which is equivalent to just less than a cup of coffee and a cup of green tea

As for the caloric content, per serving, the manufacturer made sure that five calories are consumed. Although it might sound too low, the combination of these three levels is enough to provide an individual with the right level of energy.

  • Coffee Fruit

The coffee fruit is basically that part of the plant wherein its purpose is to protect the coffee bean from the external environmental elements.

It looks like a cranberry, but unlike the bean, the coffee fruit is quite sweet in nature.

According to the manufacturer, coffee fruit incorporates a high amount of antioxidants which tends to fight with the free-radicals on a consistent basis. These antioxidants, which are known as polyphenols, can reduce the signs of aging and they will also slow down the overall process of oxidation.

Another thing which is quite impressive about the coffee fruit is the way it stimulates the growth of BDNF in the human brain. This is basically a kind of protein which is imperative for our brain’s health.

If the amount of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) falls below a certain level inside the human body, it can trigger the likes of anxiety, depression and Alzheimer’s.

On another note, although the product contains coffee fruit, none of the drinks will ever taste like coffee. That is because the fruit used has not been roasted.

  • White Tea Extract

The extract of white tea has been added not just to enhance the flavor of the beverage but also to contribute to the number of antioxidants present. This will also be enough to provide energy to the consumer without giving him or her jittery feelings.

  • Sweeteners

When it comes to the BAI products,  they are sweetened with a blend of stevia leaf extract along with erythritol. Both these ingredients are quite sweet in nature, and unlike original sugar, both of them incorporate the minimal amount of calories.

In fact, you will get 0.24 calories in each gram of the erythritol as compared to four calories per gram of sugar. Erythritol is basically a type of sugar alcohol that occurs naturally in nature. It is almost 70% as sweet as that of sugar.

Is BAI drink good for you?

At the core of BAI’s culture and vision is the idea of giving the best to your body, to avoid unnecessary supplements that can cause more harm than good.

Its drinks incorporate natural flavors to incite your taste buds and give you an entire experience rather than just an ordinary drink. It’s worth mentioning that the word “bai” in Mandarin means “pure”.

Having this as a brand name for this antioxidant infusion says a lot about the thought that went into producing this.

BAI drinks contain only 5 calories (in 8oz, only 1 gram of sugar) making them a great choice in supporting a healthy lifestyle and also boosting your energy whilst on a slimming diet. You can have a treat without feeling guilty!

Is BAI healthy?

To find out more about this, it’s necessary to have a look at the ingredients of these drinks. You can read this on the label at the back of the bottle or directly on the company’s website.

BAI drinks have a high dose of antioxidants derived from a super fruit – the coffee fruit pulp. This is sourced from Indonesia.

A good dose of Vitamin C and E can also be found in BAI beverages, an important addition that helps your body recover and grow.

White tea is added for that extra boost of energy without the aid of caffeine.

These elements make their drinks suitable for a healthy diet along with the natural sweeteners (sugar, alcohol, and stevia).

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How much caffeine is in a BAI drink?

Although the main ingredient is the coffee fruit, the caffeine content in these drinks is equivalent to the amount in a cup of green tea (70 mg in a bottle, one serving having 35mg of caffeine) making this infused drink a much healthier option than other related products.

The coffee fruit is raw so the drink will not have a coffee like taste.

Is BAI an energy drink?

An energy drink is the one that raises your sugar levels and sustains your body through your daily activities especially when doing physical work.

When we talk about energy drinks we instantly imagine some brands that have a high content of caffeine, taurine, and sugar or picture a big cup of coffee. 

Tea can also be considered an energy drink. When we look into BAI infusions and their ingredients we could easily consider these as being energy drinks. The difference is that this is a much healthier version.

BAI antioxidant infusion benefits:

  • The fruit-infused water is a tasty and healthy drink suitable for everyday use
  • Hydrating action
  • Maintains a healthy lifestyle
  • Low content of calories and sugar
  • Contains vitamins and antioxidants that benefit the whole body
  • A tasty alternative to sugary drinks (soda, fizzy drinks, etc)
  • Boosts your energy through the day
  • Free of 7 allergens and gluten-free
  • Suitable for vegans
  • It’s a Kosher drink

BAI antioxidant infusion side effects:

There should not be any adverse side effects when consuming BAI infusions, however, is better to make sure you are aware of all the ingredients that might cause an allergy.

Too much consumption of stevia might create a bit of stomach discomfort.

The caffeine when consumed in high quantities, leads to an irregular heartbeat.

As with all other beverages, BAI drinks should be consumed in moderation and should not replace the water from your diet.


When it comes to antioxidant infusion BAI drinks, they are vegan-friendly, allergen-free, and all-natural beverages containing the right levels of calories, sugar, and caffeine to provide you with normal energy levels.

The BAI drinks are also tasty as they have been sweetened and flavored without compromising the consumer’s health. These amazing products will provide your body with the needed compounds to combat the toxins produced inside the body.

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