What is Half Wicked Steroids?

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Steroids are a type of drug that has been used for various purposes, including muscle building, fat reduction, and performance enhancement. Half Wicked Steroids is a company that specializes in producing and selling steroids, specifically Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs).

SARMs are a new class of drugs that have gained popularity due to their ability to target specific cells in the body and produce anabolic effects similar to those of traditional steroids but with reduced side effects.

Half Wicked was founded in 2020 to provide high-quality products at an affordable price, focusing on fast shipping within the United States. However, it is important to note that all Half Wicked products are for laboratory research use only and are not for human consumption.

Products offered by Half Wicked

Half Wicked offers four different types of SARMs: RAD140 (Testolone), GW501516 (Cardarine), MK2866 (Ostarine), and LGD4033 (Ligandrol). Each of these SARMs has a specific function and produces different effects. Still, all are marketed as products that can help with muscle building, body recomposition, sex drive, and bone density.

RAD140, also known as Testolone, is a SARM with a 90:1 anabolic to androgenic ratio, meaning that it is almost as anabolic as testosterone while being only 1/100th as androgenic. This makes it a safer alternative to traditional steroids, which can have negative effects on the liver, kidney, and prostate.

GW501516, also known as Cardarine, is a PPAR agonist that has been shown to improve endurance and increase cholesterol levels. Studies in rodents have been encouraging, but no human studies have been conducted.

MK2866, also known as Ostarine, is one of the best-studied SARMs, and is known for its ability to strengthen muscle, bone, and tendons. It has been shown to increase muscle mass and reduce fat in elderly individuals, with no changes to diet or exercise.

LGD4033, also known as Ligandrol, is a SARM that has been shown to have positive effects on muscle building, body recomposition, sex drive, and bone density. It is highly selective for muscle and bone cells, with minimal side effects.

Half Wicked Supplements

Half Wicked also offers a range of products to enhance your workout and physique, including YK11, POST CYCLE THERAPY, MK677, CUT STACK – RAD140, GW501516, and pre-workout supplements in Strawberry Kiwi and Mountain Blast flavors. Here’s a closer look at each product.

YK11 – $99.99 / $79.99

Half Wicked YK11 comes in a bottle containing 60 tablets containing 5mg of the active ingredient. YK11, although classified as a SARM, is a myostatin inhibitor. YK11 promotes rapid muscle growth by inhibiting the inhibitor and has been shown to be more anabolic than dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Despite only being discovered in 2011, YK11 is rapidly gaining a reputation as the most powerful SARM. It is important to note that this product is not for human consumption.

POST-CYCLE THERAPY – $79.99 / $59.99

Half Wicked POST CYCLE THERAPY contains 60 tablets, each with 20mg of Tamoxifen Citrate (Nolvadex). This product is designed to aid in post-cycle recovery, helping to restore hormonal balance and prevent muscle loss.

As with all Half Wicked Supplements, POST CYCLE THERAPY is not for human consumption.

MK677 – $79.99 / $66.99

Half Wicked MK677 comes in a bottle with 60 tablets, each containing 10mg of the active ingredient. MK677, also known as Ibutamoren or Nutrobal, is a Human Growth Hormone secretagogue that stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete HGH.

It has been shown to increase fat-free mass, enhance sleep quality, improve healing of muscle, bone, and ligaments, lower LDL cholesterol, improve hair and skin appearance, and enhance overall well-being.

Unlike other HGH-boosting products, MK677 does not cause pituitary sensitization or suppress the body’s production of Growth Hormone. And, it does not stimulate testosterone, so there is no risk of aromatization or danger to the liver, kidney, or prostate.

Again, this product is not for human consumption.

CUT STACK – RAD140, GW501516 – $149.99 / $119.99

Half Wicked CUT STACK combines RAD140 and GW501516, designed to promote fat loss and improve endurance. Each bottle contains 60 tablets with 10mg of both RAD140 and GW501516. As with all Half Wicked Supplements, this product is not for human consumption.

Pre-Workout Supplements – Strawberry Kiwi and Mountain Blast – $59.99 / $46.99

Half Wicked offers two pre-workout supplements in delicious Strawberry Kiwi and Mountain Blast flavors. Each serving contains 325mg of high-stimulant ingredients, guaranteed to give you the most energy and pump you’ve ever experienced.

The prime ingredients are heavily dosed, and the company is committed to full transparency, making these pre-workouts a must-try for experienced athletes. Simply mix one scoop with 8oz of cold water for an all-in-one workout boost.

Each container has 30 servings.

Half Wicked Supplements offers a range of products to help optimize your workout and physique, from SARMs and post-cycle therapy to pre-workout supplements. All products are in stock and ready to ship so you can start your fitness journey ASAP.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, Half Wicked is a company specialising in the production and sale of SARMs, a new type of drug marketed as a safer alternative to traditional steroids.

While these products are not for human consumption, they have been shown to positively affect various aspects of physical performance, including muscle building, endurance, and bone density. However, as with all drugs, it is important to understand the potential risks and side effects and consult a licensed professional before use.

Please keep in mind that steroids and SARMs are not considered dietary supplements. They are drugs regulated by various government agencies, such as the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These drugs require a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider and are not available for over-the-counter purchase. Unlike dietary supplements, which are generally considered safe for consumption, steroids and SARMs can have serious side effects and should only be used under medical supervision.

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