What to ask a Home Healthcare Agency?

What to ask a Home Healthcare Agency

The world is slowly recovering from the pandemic. While it is still early to account for the damage done to people who suffered from the Covid-19 disease, people who were already fighting various conditions had suffered a major blow in their treatment plans. This rings especially true for the elderly who were left at the mercy of their distant family, neighbors, and good samaritans for help with urgent and serious conditions. 

Social distancing meant multitudes of senior citizens were deprived of the urgent care they needed after procedures such as knee replacement surgery. Families that did quarantine together ended up feeling exhausted while having to juggle work and care simultaneously. As is being announced on several health forums and platforms-loneliness and depressions were silent killers of the pandemic. 

As the world goes back to normal-or the ‘new normal’- elderly care can resume with its old vigor. When looking for a reputed Home Healthcare Agency Fort Lauderdale, it is important to be thorough with your homework on the home nurse’s qualifications. This article will provide you a simple questionnaire that you can use to choose the best Home Health Care Agency for your needs. 

  • Is the agency in consideration duly licensed?

Your research must ideally begin with looking for the licenses required by your state from a home health care agency. Once you zero in on which licenses and regulations are required, you may check within the service provider’s website or call in their office. If the name has been suggested to you by a family member, a friend, or a doctor, it does well to ask them an additional question on the licenses. It is sagacious to strike a deal with a licensed home health care agency only.

  • What is the specific training organized by the agency for their caregivers?

Pose several questions to the management regarding the training and qualification of their caregivers. This is not only your right but will also ensure that your needs are met by a well-qualified professional only. An experienced nurse who has handled various situations in a professional career will be able to think on her feet and give you or your loved one the best care they require.

  • Check whether the caregivers are duly insured.

Look through their documents for insurance of the caregivers. Do not move ahead if your understanding of general liability, professional liability, or compensation is cloudy. During a mishap, such as a fall while transferring a patient from one position to another or any adverse reaction to medication could lead to unforeseen damages; therefore, you need to be aware of the coverage offered to the caregiver. 

  • What are the standard operating procedures adopted by the nurses for assisting with recovery from a specific condition?

Some people may require daily injections for insulin or bone strengthening. It is important to ask these questions to the potential caregiver and tally it with those recommended by your doctor. If you are not satisfied, it is best to opt for another agency or caregiver rather than suffering the consequences of malpractice and negligence. 

It would be best if you always articulated your concerns and specific needs before bringing a caregiver or an agency, for that matter, on board. 

Once you are satisfied with an agency on the above questions, you can ask for their testimonials to fully ensure they do as they say. One such Home Health Care Agency Fort Lauderdale is the Healthcare of South Florida in Fort Lauderdale location with impeccable client recommendations. Apart from skilled nursing, they have other services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and assisted living facilities at several locations to choose from. The most important point to remember when onboarding a home health care agency is the comfort level they have with the patient- this will have a huge impact on their recovery.

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