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Why do we need zinc in our diet

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We are all so full of toxins that our bodies are struggling to get or stay healthy! These toxins not only cause serious diseases, such as cancer, they can also cause us to experience depression or have trouble maintaining a healthy weight – among other things. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid these toxins. They are in the air we breathe and in the food we eat.

Our bodies produce their own antioxidants, but as we age or become unhealthy, this production slows down. The antioxidants that our bodies naturally produce even have a hard time keeping up with the toxins in the body even in young children! We must provide our bodies with more antioxidants from an outside source.

Your mother was right when she told you to eat your spinach! Science has shown that green vegetables contain the antioxidants that our bodies crave, and the FDA recommends two full servings of greens each and every day. In today’s world, that recommendation is not very realistic.

We tend to eat on the run. Instead of coming home from work to cook a hot healthy meal, which is served on the dining room table, we tend to pick the meal up at the drive-thru window on our way home, and we eat it in front of the television. We don’t wash dishes – we throw the cardboard or Styrofoam containers away.

This rushed lifestyle means that we are not only missing out on the recommended two servings of greens each day; it also means that we are lucky if we get one serving in a month – if ever! This doesn’t do much to promote the riddance of toxins. Hence, our society has become riddled with health issues and problems. We are depressed, overweight, and generally unhealthy – not to mention that we are also tired, achy, and generally don’t feel good.

Can you imagine the money that would be saved if therapists recommended that their patients ate two servings of greens each day – and if the patients actually took the time to do that? It would be amazing.

Fortunately, you can get your two servings of greens each day, without eating a single bite of them. This is good news for people who would never put the greens on their plate, to begin with, even if they were available! You can read more about nutrition and a healthy diet on other websites like https://www.drpandatv.com/.

Why We Need Zinc

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Zinc is an important mineral in our bodies. Not only does it help with the healing of wounds, helping with enzyme actions, and all together keeping us going, it also affects sexual performance in men.

Men use the most zinc because it is what their body parts use. When there is little zinc in a man, his sexual performance is lowered. We need zinc for more than just that as well.

Zinc helps us fight off bacteria, and controls something in the prostates of men that would normally cause swelling. Without Zinc men would have severe problems with sexual performance. In a study, it was proven that the addition of zinc to a sterile man-made him produce more sperm than before.

So zinc is also responsible for reproduction problems. A low amount of Zinc can cause late sexual development and can also cause a greater risk of prostate cancer. Zinc is also in short supply due to the fact that the earth is losing the important nutrients it used to have for plants. That means that when a plant with zinc in it is grown, the zinc level is so low that it is almost not there.

Keeping zinc levels up is not a problem, however. All that is needed is a change in diet, adding zinc filled foods to it, and keeping to it. Zinc is also used to raise the testosterone levels in men which can come in handy for men as they age.

Keeping a balanced level of zinc is important to men not only because it keeps sexual performance from falling, but also because it helps prevent prostate cancer, and raises testosterone levels which are important as men get older.

When a man starts losing testosterone his body starts losing other nutrients as well because they depend on the testosterone. Keeping a good count on your testosterone levels is important.

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