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What to use instead of wax strips

What to use instead of wax strips

Waxing at home saves you time and money. Increasingly more and more people decide to try this hair removal method in the comfort of their house and the market has plenty to offer in terms of waxing products.

The trouble is that more often you find yourself with a little number of wax strips in your kit.

Luckily, there are many substitute options for wax strips that you can consider using to remove unwanted hair. These range from natural oils and DIY wax mixtures to specialized products such as sugar waxing strips or specialized reusable cloth strips.

Can you make your own wax strips?

Yes, you can make your own wax strips. You can find materials to use as strips around the household quite easily. However, some items simply won’t do.

For example, if you want to use parchment paper, this is too thin, and it will break easily during the process. It happens the same if you want to try paper towels.

parchment paper
Parchment paper

What to use instead of wax strips:

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  • Duct tape –  Can you wax with tape? Yes, you can use duct tape to wax. You need to put the wax on the skin, cut the tape as needed for a strip and then place it on top of the wax. You then pull it with the same motion as by using any other wax strips.
  • Cotton cloth strips – Your old T-shirt or pyjama can now be put back in use. The cloth you use should be thoroughly cleaned before using it for hair removal to avoid skin infection.
  • Simply take the scissors and cut a few strips and then place them on the wax.
  • Jeans/denim – as wax strips for the leg and arm area, as it covers a wider surface.
  • Muslin fabric – like the one used for babies. It’s super soft and is the material most favored by wax kit manufacturers.
  • Magazines – cut the glossy thick cover from old magazines into the size needed to apply on the wax.

By making and using your own wax strips you both save money and reduce waste by being environmentally friendly.

Black Gorilla Duct Tape
Black Gorilla Duct Tape

Stripless wax – what is it and how to use it

This type of wax is another great idea to use instead of wax strips as it doesn’t require any stripes. The wax is harder and it is removed differently from the area treated.

It is also said that stripless wax is better for sensitive skin and might make the removal process less painful. That is why this is recommended for your upper lip area and eyebrows.

To use this you need to:

  • Clean your skin before waxing
  • Apply the wax on the desired area thinly and in the same direction as the hair’s growth
  • Leave it for a few seconds
  • Hold your skin taut, find an edge and gently take the wax off the skin whilst is still soft and in the opposite direction of the hair’s growth
  • Treat the area with an aftercare product 
Stripless wax
Stripless wax

The best thing about Stripless wax is the fact that it can be reused 2-3 times depending on how much hair is pulled off.

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Still in doubt about what to use? You can always buy ready to use wax strips. They can be found easily on the supermarket’s shelves, in beauty shops, pharmacies, or from online retailers. Read more here: Hair removal – the complete Guide.

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