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Best cotton pads for face

The best cotton pads for face

Cotton pads are used either for cosmetic purposes like cleaning or retouching the makeup or for medical reasons such as wound cleaning.

More and more people today are becoming environmentally conscious and it’s no wonder that the beauty industry is one of the trendsetters. This resulted in an increased number of skincare and makeup products made with ingredients sourced from nature, followed by a different approach to packaging and waste. 

Cotton pads are used once and then end up thrown away. Manufacturers saw the need for ecologically friendly products used for cleaning and thus reusable makeup pads appeared on the market.

The best cotton pads for face to use to remove makeup and dust residues are the ones that are:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Have high-quality cotton
  • Have the right density to avoid ending up with bits and pieces instead of a full pad
  • Feel soft and gentle on the skin
  • Are sterile
  • Come in an undamaged packaging
  • Packed in safe conditions
  • Are affordable in terms of pricing

For an environmentally conscious user, the best pads should be reusable, easy to wash, and durable.

Best cotton pads for face

Reusable cotton makeup pads

These face pads look similar to your average cotton pad used for cleansing. The difference is that you can wash them after each use and continue to reuse them over a prolonged period of time (from a few months to even a whole year).

They can be made of :

  • organic cotton
  • microfibre
  • a blend of bamboo and cotton
  • fleece
  • a special type of sponge

How to wash reusable cotton face pads

Hygiene is essential for your skin’s health so enough care and attention need to be paid to the cleaning process.

To wash these pads:

  • Rinse each pad after the use
  • Place the used pads in the wash bag provided by the manufacturer
  • Add this into the washing machine with your other laundry
  • Let them air dry
  • No iron needed

The sponge type can be washed by hand with soap, well rinsed, and left to dry.

Reusable cotton makeup pads

Reusable cotton pads for face – review

To an insight into the benefits and drawbacks of reusable cotton pads, we selected a product to be used and reviewed:

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Bamboo by Smuka

The pads come as part of a set that is entirely environmentally friendly. Even the box that holds this gift set is biodegradable.

Smuka - package content

The set contains:

  • 12 Make up Pads 
  • 1 Face Towel 
  • 1 Pack Bamboo Cotton Buds
  • 1 Laundry Mesh Bag

The material used is 80% bamboo and 20% cotton.

To use the pads, you need to moist them in cold or warm water following with your chosen cleanser and toner.

Check the price and buy the best reusable makeup remover pads here

Benefits :

  • Easy to use, the cotton pads have 3 layers in a zig-zag shape. This makes the cleansing process thorough from the first usage.
  • The material is gentle and suitable for any skin type, even allergy-prone facial skin.
  • The wash bag can be used to keep your pads and also to safely use them into the washing machine.
  • The price is affordable and it’s a definite money-saving kit.
  • Buying this set saves the amount of waste produced by your household
  • Everything in this set has a purpose and nothing ends up being forgotten


It’s very hard to find something to complain about when you take into consideration what this product promises. However, if you need a higher amount of pads over a week the amount contained in this kit might not be enough. It’s easy to remediate this by buying 2 kits.

As a conclusion to this review, we will definitely continue to use reusable face pads. It’s easy and convenient, works for men and women, for adults and children too.

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