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Botox injections | All you need to know

Botox injections

Botox is widely known for its cosmetic purposes and its usage as a wrinkle filler. This substance is injected into the skin for an instant and lasting plumping effect. It’s the best cosmetical alternative to wiping off years from someone’s face and it’s no wonder that most people are tempted to give it a try.

When the trend began, this was the best-kept secret by celebrities and wealthy personalities across continents. Expensive and hard to get by that time, today things have changed. Everyone can choose to have botox injected and more so most of the cosmetic outlets are within easy reach near home (wherever that is).

A simple search for ‘botox near me’ on maps will bring up unexpected results. For example, most of us will think that this treatment requires a visit to a cosmetic surgery clinic. Surprisingly though, your local beauty parlor might offer botox injections at a very competitive price.

Botox injections

What is Botox made from

A bacteria named Clostridium botulinum generates seven different strands of botulinum toxin. Type A of this toxin is known in cosmetic surgery as Botox. It is used because it has a relaxing effect on the muscles, evening out deep wrinkle lines on the facial area.

Is Botox vegan?

Botox is cruelty-free as it’s not extracted from animals. However, this toxin is something produced by bacteria. For this reason, some people might consider that Botox is not vegan. Thus the answer to this question depends on an individual’s view in regards to the origin of botulinum toxin.

How safe is Botox

Generally, speaking botox injections are safe. Having said that, Botox should be used in small doses otherwise it can harm the human body. This toxin can cause botulism if too much is injected at once.

The international medical advice for people that want to receive botox injections, is to discuss with a registered medical practitioner before starting the treatment. It is also advisable to check if the person that will perform the procedure has been trained, is certified, has plenty of experience, and uses only licensed products.

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What should you know before Botox

When you find your preferred clinic/specialist, make sure you book an appointment where a suitable practitioner, medically trained, can assess your general health. You will be asked about any medication taken, like blood thinners or ibuprofen, to reduce the risk of bleeding and heavy bruising.

Some people should not proceed with this type of cosmetical treatment. For example, pregnant and breastfeeding ladies, when feeling generally unwell, if having a temperature or suffering from skin irritation.

On the day:

  • Your face and neck will be thoroughly cleaned
  • A local anesthetic will be applied to reduce discomfort
  • The doctor will inject the Botox in a few points
  • There might be a slight pinching sensation
  • The procedure takes around 10 minutes
  • Redness will be observed in the treated area
  • You are free to go home straight after the injections

Results will not be visible straight after the treatment and depending on each case, it can take up to 7 days to see the real benefits of the Botox.

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Botox prices

Botox injections vary in price depending on your location. For example, in the United Kingdom, prices can start from £100 per treatment, in the USA they start from around 300$ and around 400$ in Australia. 

The prices are also linked with the type of treatment required for different facial areas :

  • Lips
  • Full forehead
  • The eye area
  • Mouth corner lines
  • Chin

Do it yourself, Botox injections

We have chosen to present useful information about Botox in general. Our research on this topic wouldn’t be complete without sharing this interesting information for people looking to reduce the costs of Botox cosmetical procedure: Botox injection kits for home use.

These kits might be the best option if you are not squirmish or have a medical background. 

They contain all the ingredients, tools, and information needed and are available to buy from online suppliers.

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