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How can I whiten my skin overnight?

Whitening the skin overnight is hard to achieve; however, there are some natural remedies that people from different backgrounds have used and still use to aid depigmentation.

A mixture of few natural ingredients left on the face overnight is known to have a whitening and brightening effect on the skin:

  • milk and one tomato
  • vitamin C
  • apple vinegar
  • turmeric and lemon
  • aloe scrub
  • coffee scrub
  • egg white avocado honey
  • rice flour and milk
  • carrot and avocado
  • yoghurt and honey
  • papaya and honey
  • boiled cumin seeds
  • powdered sandalwood, almond powder and a bit of milk

Skin whitening

Having whiter and brighter skin was always desired by women worldwide, regardless of their cultural background and genetic heritage.

Achieving brighter skin without pigmentation or darkening skin due to sun exposure, health or pollution is a desire shared by men. Face creams for men for whitening, anti-ageing, and other skin concerns are available from a wide variety of cosmetic brands.

Products to whiten the skin

When natural remedies don’t seem to work, cosmetic skin whitening creams and lotions come to the rescue. Various skin-lightening products are ready to buy online, in shops or pharmacies without a prescription. Well-known brands offer brightening serums, exfoliators, face masks and creams that help whiten the skin.

It is essential to examine the components of any product before buying it. Hydroquinone, corticosteroids or mercury should be avoided if listed in the ingredients. These three components can cause skin damage and other health issues, especially when applied to darker skin tones.

Numerous skin-lightening cosmetics containing natural ingredients are also available in shops or online. A quick search will reveal cosmetic products with a wide range of bio infused concoctions.

A great choice of products infused with natural ingredients can be found under less known brands names such as Sefoliskincare.com.

Whitening skincare should also bring vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that reduce the cause of darkening skin and improve the skin’s elasticity at the same time.

Strong skin-whitening creams are available on prescription from a doctor. These ordinarily include one or both of the following medicines:

  • hydroquinone
  • corticosteroids (steroid medicine), such as hydrocortisone

Possible side effects

Using skin-whitening products can lead to:

  • skin irritation and 
  • a burning or stinging sensation
  • inflammation
  • itchy and flaky skin

If this happens, the treatment must be stopped immediately, and a medical opinion must be consulted.

Skin-whitening procedures

To achieve dramatic results, sometimes overnight, there is the possibility of choosing treatments, such as:

  • chemical peel
  • vitamin C injections
  • laser treatment – moving the outer layer of skin or damaging the cells that produce melanin.

A discussion with a doctor before choosing one of these treatments would be a good idea. They will talk to you about the reasons for desiring to lighten your skin, and there might be a medical cause why the procedure is not suitable for you.

Cosmetic treatments can sometimes go wrong, and the outcomes may not be what people expected. Skin-whitening procedures can end in severe side effects and complications, so caution should be applied before choosing these.

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