Necklow Pillow – How 8 million micro air balls can change your life

Necklow pillow

When you think about your health and self-care, which habits or areas of your life come to your mind first?

  • The right diet
  • Sport
  • Quitting smoking
  • Reducing alcohol
  • Spending more time in nature

It’s pretty interesting how few of us would think to improve our health and well-being by… changing a pillow.

Truths is, unless we have experienced severe neck pain or a simple discomfort when we wake up, we tend to choose our pillows because they’re fluffy, colorful (or snow-white), beautifully designed, handcrafted, embroidered… But if you think of it, decoration is the pillow’s secondary function.

What if we try to think of a pillow as a tool that is serving you? A tool whose elementary role and task is to protect your neck and spine and provide comfort and relaxation- BEFORE you experience spine tension or any pain in a neck and shoulders area…

Ok. So let’s say we decided to try using a “healthy pillow”. We did some research on the Internet and found out the market has quite many things to offer.

From all of these offers, there’s one that clearly differs from others, basically about everything: its shape, filling, color, design, price.

The Necklow Pillow.

The pictures of the Necklow Pillow grab attention from the first glimpse, and if you continue reading the description, you’ll find out this pillow is really different than any other pillow available in the market.

Two Necklow pillows

False belief #1 – a “medical” pillow is an ugly and uncomfortable pillow

The thing is, most of these “orthopedic pillows” that correct your spinal posture look like they were taken from the hospital. You look at it and you know: this is an ORTHOPEDIC pillow, the person using it has some spine issues. And considering their weird shapes, u feel sorry for anyone who has to spend the whole night sleeping on that, especially if he/she is a side or a stomach sleeper…

Necklow Pillow from the first glimpse LOOKS comfy. And that’s the most important thing that differs it from other “medical” pillows. Perhaps due to its big size and rounded shape – it simply gives an impression to be soft and comfortable (it’s probably that shape what they call “the ergonomic 3D design”).

It’s neither a classical orthopedic foam pillow nor a usual rectangular bag into which feathers or cotton wool were thrown. Its shape is truly unique and its secret is this famous “8 million micro air balls” which adapt to the sleeping position of your neck.

Just think of it: No foams, no polyester fiberfill, no fluff. Instead of that- 8 million tiny balls following your every movement, 8 million balls working on releasing the tension in your neck.

False belief #2:  a good pillow is a soft pillow, and THAT’S IT.

Well, no. In the 21st century a pillow can be something more than a bunch of fluff to put under your head. A good pillow is one that supports your cervical spine. The wrong sleeping pillow, even if it feels soft, fluffy and generally “fine”, can cause neck tension, problems with neck muscles, and even lead to a slipped disc.

The right pillow finds the perfect balance between softness and support, comfort and stability. So, it’s not only about what you stuff the pillow with, but it’s about its shape, too. Even without reading any “technical” information, we can clearly see that Necklow Pillow has been really carefully designed and constructed.

This 3D-curve design helps to support the head and proper body alignment but also allows the pillow to spring back to its original shape when it’s not being used. The pillow’s shape makes it comfortable and supportive for all sleeping positions, whether you are a back sleeper or a side or stomach sleeper.

And! Last but not least – by maintaining the cervical spine in a right posture, it helps the airways to expand, meaning – to breathe easier, meaning – to alleviate snoring!

Girl sleeping on a Necklow pillow

False Belief #3:  A healthy pillow is an expensive pillow

Wrong again. If you do even small research on the Internet, you’ll come to the conclusion that an average price of a neck support pillow starts from around $70. But Necklow Pillow is even less than $60 – around $57 for one and about $89 for a double set, and only $117 for a set of 3, which makes quite a ridiculous price of 39 bucks for one.

The pillow is 60cm long (23 inches), so it’s really big, bigger than similar pillows with air balls found in other stores (its exact dimension is 23in x 14in x 4in). It’s probably worth mentioning that, since the brand is a new player in the market, they make some special offers and now within these prices each pillow comes with a free pillowcase and a free silk eye mask.

What’s also convenient, the pillow can be washed super easily (both machine and hand washed), cause the micro air balls don’t absorb water. But it seems like it doesn’t require frequent washing as it’s made up of a breathable fabric which makes a protective barrier against allergens, so the pillow doesn’t collect any sweat or dead skin, and it doesn’t get hot.

The air balls have another advantage – they make the pillow very light, so you can easily take it with you while traveling.

To sum up: Necklow brand proves that a pillow doesn’t have to be EITHER “healthy” OR decorative, either supportive or comfortable. It looks both modern and practical, fancy and healthy. It’s one of these things that can be a perfect gift for both your grandma and girlfriend (and she will not frown upon you).

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