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How much should you spend on your Valentine’s Day hairdo?

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Valentine’s Day this year is going to feel pretty different for plenty of people. Do you usually like to wine and dine your loved one in a fancy restaurant? Take a trip to the theatre? Head out for an evening of sipping cocktails and dancing? For many of us, Valentine’s Day’s usual events are out of the question this year, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. Even cooking dinner for your special someone can’t occur during a lockdown unless you happen to live with them already.

But that doesn’t mean that we have to ignore Valentine’s Day altogether – far from it. Delivery flower and chocolate services are likely in for a bumper year. And many people are turning to virtual dates over Zoom to spend some quality time together this year on the big night itself.

Regardless of whether you’re spending a special evening together digitally or in person, it’s time to think about your Valentine’s Day hairdo. A recent survey from All Things Hair found that over 50% of people prefer to do a treatment before a date. So, if you’re not planning your Valentine’s hair in advance, you’re in the minority!

Not only that, but most women also expect their partners to put the effort in, with All Things Hair’s survey finding that 85.4% of women feel it is important that their date looks like they’ve invested time in their appearance.

Prep for your unique do start well before the Day, so book that salon appointment (if your local restrictions permit it) or stock up on some pampering products to give your tresses a treat.

Valentine’s Day hair treatments

If your hair requires a bit of TLC, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for some indulgent pampering. Make sure you have a decent shampoo and conditioner for regular use – ones that suit your hair type – then supplement these with a pre-shampoo treatment and a hair mask for the ultimate Valentine’s haircare experience.

Pre-shampoo treatments include oils, balms, and kinds of butter. You usually apply them to dry hair, giving it time to soak in the nourishing moisture before shampooing in the usual way. Their purpose is to hydrate the hair, particularly after the winter’s dry, cold air. If you prefer oils, then treatments based on coconut, avocado, and olive-based oils are some of the best natural healthy options on the market. For balms and butter, both aloe vera and mango can work wonders to deliver soft, shiny hair that exudes strength and health.

There are various other steps you can take to ensure your Valentine’s Day hairdo looks fabulous. The hot/cold hair washing combo is the right approach and doesn’t cost a penny. You use hot water to wet the hair, which opens up the cuticles. Then, after applying shampoo and conditioner, you use cold water to rinse. This seals up the cuticles once more, leaving the hair with maximum hydration and shine – and, just as importantly, with minimal frizz.

If you’re going for the ultimate haircare pampering session, then a scalp treatment can also work wonders. A healthy scalp is a key to healthy hair, so it pays to give your scalp some TLC from time to time. Many such treatments focus on nourishing the hair’s cortex as well as the skin of the scalp. Look for leave-in sprays that are easy to apply for the ideal combination of easy use and maximum hydration.

Tailoring your products to your particular hair type can also help to define your Valentine’s Day haircare approach. If your hair is dry and prone to breakage, for example, then an anti-breakage treatment or mask can be hugely beneficial. Meanwhile, curls can benefit from a defining treatment, while a range of products exists to nurture and nourish color-treated hair. Opt for a deep treatment mask that will nourish and repair stands that chemical treatments have damaged for natural hair.

It’s worth thinking carefully about your styling products, as well. Are you using a blow-day spray that protects your hair from heat damage? If not, you should be! Heated styling tools, from hairdryers to curling irons and straighteners, aren’t kind to your hair. Yet most of us use them almost daily. As such, a quick protective spritz before you start styling should be a non-negotiable part of your hair care routine, in addition to any other products you may use to boost volume, tame curls, and so forth.

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Styling options for the ultimate Valentine’s Day look

When it comes to your Valentine’s Day style, you have plenty of options for your virtual date. The team at All Things Hair has ranked virtual date hairstyles by popularity, in case you’re struggling for inspiration. Straight hair was the most popular choice, followed by an elegant ponytail. Wearing hair down – after a careful blow-dry, of course – was the third most popular digital date style. Next in popularity came curls, followed by casual styles, buns, braids, and box braids.

If you’re planning to try out a new style, it’s always best to practice before the big night. Being late for your special evening because you’re dealing with a hair disaster is never a good look! Nor is turning up sporting said disaster!

Valentine’s Day haircare costs

So, what does all this pampering cost? Again, the All Things Hair team has set out to discover the truth. Their research has found that people prefer to spend under $40 on nurturing their pre-date hair, with 46.97% of people reporting this to be their budget. That’s perhaps not much when it comes to a session in the salon, but there are plenty of decent haircare products out there for pampering at home that would fit within this budget.

Assuming you already have a good quality shampoo and conditioner at home, splashing out on a pre-shampoo oil treatment and an intensely conditioning hair mask should be well within a $40 budget. You might even have enough left for a blow-dry spray. Whichever products you choose, take the time to enjoy the experience to the max this Valentine’s Day

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