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What Is an Antioxidant Drink?

What Is an Antioxidant Drink

An antioxidant drink is generally known as a beverage or liquid that contains supplementation or natural compounds that prevent cell oxidation and ultimately work for reducing free body radicals. Some antioxidant is found in many foods and its class is quite broad.

There is no specific guideline of the density of concentration for qualifying a beverage as an antioxidant drink. The beverage made from vegetables, fruits with high concentrations such as carrot, pomegranate, orange, raisins, raspberries, and blueberry, to name a few – are very popular antioxidant drinks.

Red wines and all kinds of teas are antioxidant drinks. Some particular varieties such as green and white teas have superior nutritive values as these are made from tender leaves. Many people also include coffee on the list, but this is quite debatable.

There are different types of powder, bottled drinks are available in the market, and most of them have antioxidant value. Many marketers use controversial chemical antioxidants that are artificially boosted and sometimes not very good for health. But, these antioxidant drinks are very popular with health connoisseurs and athletes.

Antioxidants are healthy chemical compounds and they effectively prevent the oxidation of different types of compounds and cells. When oxygen changes its structure permeating a cell, oxidation happens. This process is not something problematic considering its circumstances and the premature cell aging has been linked to it.

Electrons often create free radicals and during oxidation; they float throughout our whole body. It may cause various types of problems such as cell mutation that ultimately turns into cancer.

This is quite difficult to determine or to find out the best modes or sources of antioxidant, but regular consumption of it can lead to sound health. If you think about the best options, then you may consider eating whole foods, but many people cannot enjoy enough or all the servings every day.

Drinking Antioxidants: What is an Antioxidant Drink?

You can concentrate on its certain benefits, making the juice of vegetables and fruit as you can, even make a glass of juice using 10-20 carrots. Although vegetable and fruit juices are popularly known as the best source of antioxidants, there is no way to consider them as the only sources of antioxidants. You can include any drink on your menu with an oxidation-fighting component.

Vegetable and Fruit Juices

For antioxidants, vegetables and fruits are very good natural sources and it’s logical that the juices also contain antioxidant compounds because the fruits are enriched with antioxidants. The higher concentration of fruit juices depends on the technique of your juicing.

Generally, natural fruit juice is much better than blended or watered-down juices with sweeteners or sugars. Moreover, you’ll find more nutrients and antioxidants in the darker juices in comparison with lighter ones. In the delicious fruit category, the cranberry, pomegranate, purple grape, cherry, orange are popularly known as the most enriched antioxidant drinks.

Coffee and Teas

If you want a good natural antioxidant drink, teas are certainly a good choice for you and some of them are relatively more nutritive and powerful. You can purchase black, green, or white tea and the level of antioxidants partially depends on the maturity of tea leaves. Although it’s debatable, many of us believe that younger leaves have relatively better antioxidants. You can take two cups of tea a day, but adding milk and sugar may inhibit your body from absorbing other chemicals and antioxidants.

You need to take multiple cups of coffee if you want an adequate amount of antioxidants from coffee. Actually, the consumption of excessive caffeine may have negative impacts on your body, so it’s not a great source of antioxidants. The coffee beans (raw) have a good amount of antioxidants, but most of it is lost during preparation.

Commercial Supplements and Blends

You will find packaged drinks as sports beverages and health drinks, which are enriched with antioxidants. There is a huge variety of these drinking items and many of them have a relatively higher density of antioxidants compared to others.

Some examples of antioxidant-infused drinks are:

  • Maqui berry drink, with a high content of Vitamin C
  • Bai flavored water with a low-calorie count

Some manufacturers add a lot of sugars and other types of sweeteners to these drinks for an improved taste. It’s a good idea to create your own infused drink by using Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle and your favorite fruits.

The best way of getting antioxidants is to drink pure juice. To get the most of your squeezed fruits, try to find the best juice maker and use it at your own convenience in your home or office.

As you have seen by now, there are few methods of enjoying and preparing an antioxidant drink, it is your time to choose the best one for you!

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