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What is the best antioxidant drink?

What is the best antioxidant drink

Antioxidant beverages have gained popularity over the years after epidemiological studies established the health benefits associated with the inclusion of antioxidant-rich drinks into your diet. These drinks can play an immense role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and other health-related problems. 

While most people are familiar with foods rich in antioxidants, the benefits of antioxidants drinks are overlooked. For that reason, we have rounded up 5 of the best antioxidant drinks that can benefit you:

1. Tea

Tea is recognized as one of the most popular beverages around the world. It is not only crammed with healthy, beneficial content but is also jam-packed with significant antioxidants levels. 

There are two popular teas associated with containing high levels of antioxidants (black and green tea). Black tea possesses the same antioxidant potency found in Green tea. These properties rally around weight loss and preventing cell damage.

However, there has been an endless debate about the two most popular teas’ benefits concerning their antioxidant capacities. It is essential to remark that both the teas hold significant composition and concentration of antioxidant contents that your body will find constructive.

2. Red Wine

Moderate red wine intake has revealed significant health benefits due to its relatively rich source of natural antioxidants. Research establishes a link between less heart disease and red wine intake that may significantly reduce the risk of contracting coronary artery diseases.

Research confirms that Red wine contains polyphenols that may aid in the protection of blood vessels lining. It also protects against inflammation and blood clotting. This substance is mainly found on grape skin (red wine is fermented along with grape skin for a longer period than other brands of wine. This explains why resveratrol is abundant in red wine.

3. Beet Juice

Beetroots are common around the world; their bioactive compounds exhibit high levels of antioxidant properties. It is one of the few vegetables that contain a phenolic compound that play a significant role in absorbing and neutralizing free radicals. Aside from that, beetroot juice contains betalains known to reduce inflammation and help lower blood pressure.

Natural antioxidants found in beetroots can effectively scavenge free radicals lowering the risk of future grim health problems. Other nutritional features that the beet juice possesses include; fiber, vitamins, and potassium; these contents wield various health benefits.

4. Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranates have been championed for years for their medicinal values and are renowned potent antioxidants. They are highly rich in antioxidants and other immune-boosting nutrients. Like grapes, the fruit also contains polyphenols that play a big role in the coloration of their seeds.

 Pomegranate juice remains one of the healthiest juices around. The fruit contains high levels of antioxidants three times more effective than green tea and red wine. In addition to that, pomegranates also help lower blood pressure and protect an individual against inflammation.

5. Coffee

Coffee remains one of the most significant sources of healthful antioxidants; in fact, 100 grams of brewed coffee amounts to the same wine contents. It represents more antioxidant activities compared to green tea that is considered a powerful source of the same. The coffee contains chlorogenic acid that is well thought-out to prevent cardiovascular diseases. 

Coffee is a healthy drink; however, a high level of intake is discouraged. It is also important to note that what you add to your coffee will affect the health benefits that come with it. A lot of cream and sugar alter whatever health benefits that come with the beverage.

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Antioxidant Beverages

While most antioxidant drinks are considered safe for virtually anyone, there are various factors to consider while choosing the finest and healthiest drink for you.

●      Nutritional Value

The nutritional value of a drink is among the essential things to look out for while buying an antioxidant drink. It is important to note that crucial fibers are broken down during juicing. Since you cannot find important fiber in processed juice, you can always opt for freshly squeezed juice.

 Fresh fruit juice is a recommended option due to the availability of fiber that breaks down fructose and sugar that is important in preventing future health risks.

●      Caffeine

Most labels do not point out the level of caffeine in their products. Some antioxidant drinks may be jam-packed with caffeine. It is crucial to look out for caffeine-free beverages if you are sensitive or want to avoid caffeine intake.

●      Not to Concentrate Label

Most companies would have this printed at the back of their bottles. It usually means that the juice you are purchasing is made purely out of pressed juice with no other added preservatives.

However, the downside of ‘Not to concentrate’ juices is their accessibility. This is because concentrate juices are more common in stores around the country, and it can be a daunting task finding a ‘non-concentrate’ drink. So be on the lookout for drinks with this label.

●      Sugar

Fruits contain natural sugar and fructose that is healthy for us. 

However, it can harm a person’s health if too much sugar is ingested regularly. Researching the sugar content of healthy drinks before purchasing them will ensure you get healthy products. 

Most processed fruit juices contain only 10% pure natural juice, while the remaining percentage in a bottle or a can is filled with fructose corn syrup and other preservatives. That is why reading the label will also help you evaluate the nutritional ingredients of the juice before purchasing it. 


Antioxidant drinks are just one of the many effective options to increase your intake of antioxidants. With antioxidants playing the central role in neutralizing harmful free radicals, switching up your dietary intake will help to prevent oxidative damages that unswervingly impairs cell membranes.

All you need is to discover what is the best antioxidant drink for you. It is also necessary to perceive that various lifestyle factors generate harmful free radicals you should avoid. Antioxidant drinks are just a small fraction of a step to a healthier lifestyle; pairing these drinks with other nutritious diets will engender better results.

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