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The perfect hair bun

The perfect bun

The perfect hair bun should have a sleek look, be well shaped and remain in control for a long period of time. This versatile and elegant hairstyle is great for everyday use when:

  • Going to the gym
  • At school, college or university
  • At the office
  • When working in an environment that requires long hair to be restraint (for safety reasons)
  • Around the house
  • When cooking and cleaning
  • To wear under a bigger sunhat
  • When sunbathing
  • Great on Spa days
  • For casual wearing outdoors
  • When doing sports (running, swimming, riding etc.) 
  • Great when dancing (used widely by ballerinas across the world’s stages)
  • When going to a party or a special event
  • To keep your hair in place during the sleep to avoid breakage through friction
  • To create a wavy look (when done on wet or damp hair and left on for few hours)
Girl with hair bun in the pool

Not long ago this simple hairstyle required quite a lot of time and fussing over with all kinds of styling tools: combs, hair nets, pins in different sizes, hair sticks, pens or pencils and elastic bands. Making the perfect hair bun is easier now than ever as there are plenty of hair bun tools. 

Moreover, men can use this hairstyle to hold their mane in place. David Beckham, world renowned footballist, was showing off his man bun hairstyle in 2010. This isn’t something out of the ordinary as in the past men used to wear this hairstyle in the battles (Chinese and Japanese soldiers).

Hair buns are commonly used by Sikh men daily, wrapped under their colorful turbans.

How to make a simple hair bun

Hair buns can be sleek and elegant or styled to look messy for a relaxed look. Some people like to have two or even three buns for a funkier effect.

Before starting to style your hair into a bun, the hair should be washed, dried and well brushed. By combing the hair  you would get rid of any knots or tangled areas as well as giving it a healthy glossy finish

Follow the brushing with pulling the hair back and grabbing it all in one hand. Hold the hair firmly on the top of your head or the head area you want to have your bun done. Secure your ponytail with an elastic band and then twist your hair and secure it with pins.

The easiest way to create a perfect hair bun is by using a hair bun tool. The perfect hair bun tool will allow you to create your hairstyle easily by twisting and gathering your ponytail in a doughnut shaped bun.

This method is great for school days when moms and dads are rushing with their little girls to get on time before the bell sounds at the beginning of the lessons.

A simple hair bun

What is the best hair bun maker?

We tested and can recommend the product developed and sold online by Everybun International from Cologne, Germany.

The characteristics of the best hair bun maker are :

  • Made of durable and sustainable material
  • Lightweight
  • Allows an easy hairstyling
  • Has a good grip without damaging the hair
  • Keeps your hair in a perfect shape for a long period during the day
  • There is no need for hairpins
  • Good for adults, teenagers and older children
  • Doesn’t break rapidly
Hair bun maker

This Germany based company developed its products with its customers’ needs in mind. Its hair bun tools are made to save time and create the perfect hairstyle in a matter of seconds. 

Everybun International as the creator of the perfect hair bun tool could be the new Instagram Beauty Trend. You can follow them or get in touch on their Instagram profile everybun_international.

If you want to save time and look stylish all day long, go to check the latest products and buy yours on their website.  

Their bun makers are suitable for all hair types and come in a variety of colours that adapt to different shades of hair such as :

  • White blonde
  • Light blonde
  • Dark blonde
  • Middle brown
  • Dark brown
  • Black

Although you can find on Youtube loads of video clips with tutorials to create a good hair bun like a messy bun or an elegant ballerina bun, there are plenty of images and media with perfect hair buns on the Everybun International website or on Instagram, on the company’s account.

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