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How to select a flat iron for coarse hair

How to select a flat iron for coarse hair

With the invention of new technologies in the hair care industry, styling hair might seem like a walk in the park. Still, it is not always true as the degree of inconvenience you face while reshaping your hair is directly proportional to your hair type.

Coarse hair is among the hair types which are not that easy to style, and you must possess a good flat iron so that you can straighten your coarse hair in minimum time with minimal damage and effort.

What is coarse hair?

Coarse hair refers to having a thick hair shaft. Some people confuse coarse hair with thick hair. Let us clear your confusion between both these hair types.

Thick hair means having a greater amount of hair on your scalp where each strand of hair might be thin itself, but coarse hair means having a thick strand of hair where the total amount of hair on your scalp might be less.

Why is it difficult to straighten coarse hair?

As coarse hair means having thick hair strands, thick hairs have a strong hydrogen bond holding them together. The stronger the hydrogen bond, the greater is the heat required to break the bond to restyle them. But keep in mind that high heat content might cause hair damage, so you must have a good quality flat iron and all the necessary hair products that will keep your hair from harm’s way.

Pink flat iron for coarse hair

Choosing a flat iron for coarse hair:

This article will guide you about the features you must look for before buying a flat iron for your stubborn hair. Following are the aspects on which flat iron should be inspected:

Plate construction material:

Hair straighteners usually have their plates made of ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline material. While ceramic material is famous for its uniform heat distribution for even hairstyles and minimal hair damage, titanium has gained popularity by its high heat conductance and quick hair styling. At the same time, tourmaline is only used as a coating to prevent hair from sticking to the plates’ surface. All other materials are redundant and might be harmful to your hair.

In short, titanium is the best choice for you if you have coarse hair. Still, if you are on a beginner level, you should prefer ceramic plated flat iron, which will minimize any chance of hair damage and is almost as good as titanium plated flat iron.

Highest temperature:

For your flat iron to straighten your hair, it is necessary that it be able to go at least at 350 F. As coarse hair requires more heat, you can’t choose any weak flat iron that doesn’t have the capability to achieve temperature as high as 350 F.

Variable temperature:

Obviously, a good flat iron must have a variable temperature option so that it can be used for strong and weak hair types. Moreover, your hair styling session might need to jump from high temperature to low temperature, so not having a variable temperature setting is not an option.

Ionic technology:

Ionic technology flat irons provide Million of negative ions that fuse into your hair cuticles hence providing them a good amount of moisture and keep them hydrated. This not only prevents your hair from becoming dull and dry but also boosts the shine and silkiness of your hair.

Girl with coarse hair

Tips to style coarse hair

Before styling your hair, make sure that you clean your hair and make them fully hydrated. For that, you can wash your hair and apply conditioner.

Don’t rub your hair with a towel after washing them but only tap them gently with a towel and wait for them to dry. You can also comb your hair to remove any tangles. Before using a flat iron, apply heat protectant serum to your hair.

Bottom Line

Each hair type requires a different amount of effort to be reshaped. It is advised that you use a good quality flat iron to style your hair as it will not damage your hair and boost the shine. There are certain features that a flat iron must have to be considered as a good flat iron for coarse hair. All of those features are mentioned in this article in detail with a pro tip that will keep your hair protected.

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