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The Complete Guide to Hair Steamers

Guide to hair steamer

Hair steamers are the ultimate devices that help grow and maintain healthy hair. It allows conditioners to penetrate the hair to provide the utmost efficiency genuinely. Hair steamer ensures that these hairstyling and nourishing products are well-absorbed by your hair. 

What Does Hair Steamers Do?

Hair steamers are the most effective tool that provides extra moisture, strengthens hair elasticity, and restores vibrant colours of your hair. The hair steamer uses water and heat to lift the hair cuticle on your hair and enables treatments or conditioners to penetrate every hair strand deeply. 

There are tons of benefits you can enjoy when using a hair steamer. The heat helps hydrate dry hair and leaves parched hair happy. The heat coming from the hair steamer encourages better blood circulation while promoting growth along the process. The process also heals damaged hair when used appropriately. 

How To Find The Best Hair Steamers: A Complete Buying Guide

Finding the best hair steamer suitable for your needs may be challenged with massive selections flooding the marketplace. This comprehensive guide will help you select only the best product for your hair. Checking for the most reliable hair steamer reviews offered will give you an overlook of the best devices chosen by customers based on efficiency, ease of use, affordability, and durability. 

Hair steamer
Hair steamer

Have a look at these factors to help you decide on the best one: 

Essential Factors To Check With Hair Steamers

  1. Go for a device with a large or big hood. A good steamer must provide adequate coverage on all your hair strands. If you go for a handheld steamer, the treatment process can be tiresome as you need to hold the hood for some time. Check for convenience when selecting one. 
  2. Find a hair steamer with a large and durable water reservoir. Having a large water compartment provides continuous treatment. You’ll save time refilling when the tank runs out. Make sure there are no interruptions during sessions. 
  3. Find an auto-shutoff features/timer. That way, you won’t need to monitor the time as it automatically turns off when the treatment is completed. 
  4. Find a device that has ozone-encompassed features. It will provide the right amount of oxygen to your hair and prevent itchiness during and after treatment. 
  5. Choose an adjustable height stand. It will allow you to adjust the steamer based on your height.
  6. It should offer portability and mobility. Ensure you choose a steamer that is conveniently portable and comes with swivel wheels for optimum mobility pushing around. 
  7. Find a steamer with auto-shutoff when the water reservoir is empty. It will prevent your device from overheating.

Benefits Of Hair Steamers

Whether you go into a salon or do your treatments at home, here are the incredible benefits of using hair steamer: 

  • It adds moisture without causing hygral fatigue. 
  • Using a hair steamer allows the hair cuticle to lift because of the humidity gently and allows deep penetration of conditioners from roots to tip, making your hair healthier.
  • It enables easy hair styling.
  • The steam hydration home treatment enhances curls and its promoters clumping without compromising hair volume. 
  • Steaming natural hair promotes elasticity and hair strength. 
  • Hair moisture remains balanced and reduces damages such as dry hair and brittleness. 
Hair steamer usage
Hair steamer usage

Hair Steamer: Do’s and Don’ts


  • Steam hair once a week. It adds extra hydration to your hair.
  • Steam for about 20-30 minutes for every session.
  • Use a washcloth. Since steaming hair can generate moisture and heat, grab a washcloth to wipe your face. You can also use an excellent moisture-absorbing headband while on sessions. 
  • Clip the hair up. It’s vital to have the hair (including strands) under the hair steamer. 
  • Cool it down. The best way to let full conditioner absorption is to wait for the hair to entirely cool-down. Then you can rinse the product in it.


  • Cover the head. Allows the steam to penetrate your hair.
  • Rush into the hair steamer instantly. 
  • Leave the hair down. Neglecting to take care of the strands and ends won’t give proper hair nourishments of the older parts of your hair. 
  • Overdo steaming. It can be very addictive but once a week. Oversteaming can damage hair which leads to weak hair limp and breakage.
  • Neglect the nape. Don’t’ forget to take extra care with the nape portion as it’s the familiar spot that’s always neglected.


Hair steamers are an excellent investment since you want your crowning glory to stay healthy and nourish regardless of your styling needs. It allows you to maintain a healthy gorgeously looking hair, restore or revive hair colour and improves hair status. 

Finding the right one is easier when you have the following guide, tips, and factors to help you decide on the best product to purchase. 

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